Welcome to REDEFINE Woman; a women’s empowerment movement + platform that aims to encourage, inspire, and hold other women accountable for their actions while redefining society’s definition and misrepresentation of the noun ‘woman.’

This idea all began when Visionary/CEO, Jessica Gold wrote this short open letter to society:

It’s 2016 and I’m fed up with my generation. Young women gaining followers and making money off their bodies is basically new-age prostitution. I want to change the conversation. I want to actually make people think about where the world is headed. I want women to believe that their intellect and talent is just as important as their appearance and bodies. I want to remind men that at the end of the day, we’d appreciate a man who loves us unconditionally and not just for how many CC’s of silicone we have in our breasts, how much fat we have transferred into our butts and hips, and how many pounds of makeup we wear to hide insecurities.

This is not a movement to place judgement on other women who do choose to make money or gain notoriety off of their bodies, but it is to change the conversation from a one dimensional aspect of women, to the big picture.