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Mia Gold Collection

Driven, determined, and fashion savvy. Kennesha Dixon encompasses all three of these adjectives. At the age of 22, she has her own clothing line called Mia Gold Collection, which she describes as unique, handcrafted and rare. Dixon hails from the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) and recently graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she studied Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Marketing. Currently, she awaits the beginning of her new journey at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dixon started designing while in high school because she disliked wearing uniforms. She deemed her ideas different than what everyone else had or wore and her father taught her the basics of designing.  According to Dixon, it took her awhile to come up with the name of her clothing line. She eventually came up with a name that represents both she and her boyfriend. The ‘M’ and ‘I’ in Mia represents her boyfriend’s middle, which is Michael and the ‘A’ is for her middle name, which is Amber. The word Gold comes from the couple’s love of gold.

Mia Gold has been in business since the fall of Dixon’s junior year (2012), and it has been featured in fashions shows at both IUP and Penn State University.

As far as her experience at Moore College of Art and Design, Dixon expects to network and take advantage of the alumni network and the paid internship that can be completed in the states or abroad. She also is excited about learning how to make her own patterns so she won’t have to rely so much on online patterns.

Dixon’s favorite part about being a designer is seeing customers wear her pieces. “It’s more of like an intimate relationship with my customers, having made it and then seeing them wear it. I think that’s what’s special about it,” says Dixon.

Starting over on a project when it doesn’t come out right is what annoys Dixon the most about designing. She also finds getting exposure very difficult since her collection is fairly new.

Dixon aspires to work with Angela Simmons in the future because she loves everything she stands for.  “I had a chance to meet her one time. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because of what she represents: being a woman of God and being a role model,” says Dixon.

Within the next five years, Dixon wants to expand her brand and be featured in New York or Paris Fashion Week. “That has always been a dream of mine,” says Dixon.

Check out Mia Gold Collection Spring/Summer 2014 here!

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