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In the year 2014, it is very important to have an entrepreneurial mindset because success ultimately lies in the hands of oneself. Bianca and Bridgette Tatum are examples of this mindset because they are 22-year-old twins who decided to start their own online boutique called Liz and Bee Boutique after Bianca found herself immersed in making jewelry in 2012. Both sisters graduated from Clark Atlanta University. Bianca graduated in 2013 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Bridgette graduated this past May with a degree in Psychology.

The name Liz and Bee isn’t some random name that these ladies came up with. There is a meaning behind the original name. Liz stands for Bridgette’s middle name, Elizabeth and Bee stands for Bianca, because many people call her that.

As of now, the Tatum sisters run their boutique on their own. Bianca chooses the clothing that will be featured on the website, and Bridgette handles the logistics of the business such as marketing, sales analyses, etc.  However, they are looking for interns who are willing to grow and develop with them and their business.  “We kind of want a team of people who are good at different things maybe blogging, media, PR, so that’s what we’re really looking for,” says Bianca Tatum. “It’s really good to find people who are good at what they do, but are also up and coming.”

Liz and Bee do wholesale buying both from the United States and Internationally, but they try to stay away from trendy pieces that everyone has. Bianca and Bridgette also try to stick with wholesalers who sell to licensed business owners because they make their things more exclusive. “Since we’re coming up on our two year, we really want to find something new and funky, and we really want to find a young designer who actually designs clothes versus embellishing them to collaborate with to come up with a line. That’s one of our biggest goals,” says Bianca Tatum.

If you visit the Liz and Bee website, there is a category called “Shop” and another called “Uptown Exchange.” Bianca explains that “Uptown Exchange” is the high fashion, edgy portion, which is ideal for nighttime attire. The regular Liz and Bee apparel consists of clothing that you can wear during the day to work or class. These two categories also perfectly describe both Bianca and Bridgette’s personality and style. “Uptown Exchange” is Bianca’s cup of tea and the original Liz and Bee pieces are Bridgette’s.

Liz and Bee features clothing for everybody, but if they had to pick a demographic it would be the 18-24 age group. “Now we do have nice pea coats and shawls that are perfect for everyone, but if I had to pick a demographic it would be the young college girl who likes to dress sassy, but still has class,” says Bianca Tatum.

While creating a logo, Bianca and Bridgette wanted to stick with a white and black theme to channel a ying and yang feel. “It just describes us so well. We’re white and black. We’re totally different, but we work well together,” says Bianca Tatum.

Atlanta-based stylist, Julian Lark, who also created Kontrol magazine has pulled from Liz and Bee and singer and Love and Hip Hop New York star, K.Michelle has worn a black jumper from their boutique.

Recently, a man planning on proposing to his girlfriend came to Liz and Bee to set up her ensemble for that special moment. “We helped him pick out everything everything from her accessories, to her shoes, to her nail polish and lipstick; so we really want to get more into that, like providing the full package, whether it’s selling it or giving advice as to what should be with what,” says Bianca Tatum

Not only are these ladies businesswomen, but they also are heavily supportive of going green and recycling.  Bridgette explains that a close friend of theirs named Briana Ford passed away at then end of 2012 and she was an advocate of recycling. Last year, they created a big event called Green4Bri, where they donated 10 percent of their proceeds to Ford’s organization. This September, they expect the result to be much more extravagant than last year’s.

The Tatum sisters are currently working towards getting a storefront for Liz and Bee. “We’re trying to make sure we have everything together for that, but I think that’s our biggest goal right now. And of course we’re trying to find more ways to promote our business,” says Bridgette Tatum.  Bianca adds that they would also like to have a shoe designer. “We’re also looking to gain exposure in a respectable light because we want to keep it classy and make it something that will last and not just a quick dollar,” says Bianca Tatum.

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