You Knew! From Vine Personality to Radio Host


Remember back in 04’ when rapper Twista said he could make a celebrity overnight? Well, Shod Santiago might as well be the product of this song lyric. He says that one day he made a vine saying that he didn’t owe these h*es no respect. He didn’t think the video was funny, but to his surprise he woke up the next morning with thousands of Vine followers. Now, Shod, whose full name is Rashaad is a household name and personality who has taken over social media and radio airwaves. His catchy sayings such as “Boot up” “Shew, Shew, you goofy,” “Rotate H*e,” “Block!” etc. have not only gained him a loyal following of 72k on Instagram, almost 9k on Twitter and a striking 185.8k followers on Vine but have also lead him to new opportunities and ventures.


Although Shod Santiago currently resides in the Atlanta area, he’s from Waldorf, Maryland, which is in Prince George’s County. He comes from a large blended family that consists of 12 siblings between his mom and stepfather. Originally, Shod moved to Atlanta in 2009, but moved back to Maryland in 2010 because the city was “tired” in his words. He moved back to the ‘A’ in 2011 and in the same year traveled back to Maryland. Finally, in 2012 Shod came back to Hotlanta and ending up getting a better job at a pharmacy.

Vine Sensation

Santiago’s intention was never to become “Vine famous.” He said that everything on his social media accounts is his real personality. “Everything I say is stuff that I would say. I don’t do skits. I don’t do anything. I just talk and people say ‘oh it’s so funny.’” says Santiago.

Santiago explained that his phrase “Block!” came from him literally blocking people from the social media pages of he and his best friend Tammy Rivera, who’s a cast member from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. “Block, Block, Block, blockin’ everybody. Don’t play with me. My thing is, I don’t get negative comments, like what’s the point?” Santiago said as he explained why he blocks people.

How Vine turned into a business and radio show

Santiago’s sayings have become so popular that his fans suggested that he should get shirts made that display them. Santiago followed this advice, and his shirts are now available on for $25. He recently collaborated with a really “dope” graphic designer named Mel for his t-shirt line.

Santiago said that radio found him, so now has his own radio show on Be100radio, which is an online radio station that you can stream via Ustream from the website.  His show is called “Keepin it Real Radio!” and his co-host is ­­­­­The Elite Petite. The show can be streamed live every Monday and Thursday from 8-10 pm.

When asked if he could see reality TV in his future he responded,”I would love to do reality TV because my life period and my personality period are too big for a regular job, so I would eventually have to do a reality TV show.”

Santiago’s dynamic personality and jovial spirit exhibits just how successful you can be by staying true to yourself.

Hilarious Vine moments of Shod Santiago:

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