A Go-Getter on Her Grind


Kavonna Richardson- Co-owner of Allure by VonKit

The moment when a simple idea turned into actually making things happen, birthed Allure by VonKit. Kavonna Richardson, 22, and her friend Kittrella Whitlock, 25, came up with the idea to start their own online boutique while sitting in Richardson’s downtown loft in Buffalo, New York. The name of the boutique combines both of their first names and according to Richardson, the two partners chose ‘Allure’ because the word exudes who they are as women. They are very powerful and mysteriously attractive in their ideas and stylish ways. Allure by VonKit is an online boutique that has been in business for a year and features very edgy and distinct clothing. The website has everything from bodycon dresses to swimsuits. The clothing at Allure by VonKit is bought wholesale, but in the near future, Richardson’s original sketches will be available. Richardson is now located in Atlanta, Georgia, but is originally from Buffalo. She says that Atlanta is a great location for the growth of Allure by VonKit, but she and Kittrella do not plan on stopping there; but in fact expect to become worldwide and take the definition of ‘boutique’ to a different level. Richardson’s main motivation for becoming a business owner is making her mother proud. She is the woman who inspired her daughter because of the clothes she wore. She never waited for anyone else to wear it, and always stayed up-to-date with the latest fashion. “I am also inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons who I love to this day and Anthony L. Williams as a stylist! I started off wanting to be in the background of fashion as a stylist. It’s still my dream today to become a fashion stylist!” says Richardson. Like every person chasing their dreams, there are important lessons that are learned along the way. For Richardson that lesson is to always have ambition and determination. “Things will never be a walk in the park or pick up as fast as you want it to, but if you keep pushing and praying, things will fall into place as you learn and grow. I’m all about taking chances and learning from them!” says Richardson. This go-getter not only came up with a great idea, but she also has a plan to make her dreams come to fruition. She and her partner’s plans include a storefront, a boutique truck and of course worldwide recognition. “We like to stand out by the originality of our ideas. Yes of course with buying wholesale we can have a couple items that other boutiques have, but the way we put things together as of modeling our items, which gives customers ideas on how they can wear their pieces. The most important thing would also be customer service. We strive to be number one by responding to our customers needs not only by emails and social networks, but also by giving our customers things that they would want on our boutique. We shop for everyone not just one particular person!” says Richardson. Thumbs up to these ladies doing their thing! If you are looking for a new place to shop, Allure by VonKit is definitely a great option. Check out the website. Instagram: @vonnak and @allurebyvonkit

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  1. Ami Megna says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Allure by VonKit grow over the past year. The professionalism of young Miss Richardson is rare. Her ideas and style are extremely unique and I am certain she, and her partner will be extremely successful. Kudos to them both!

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