Apparel Line Belleme Stands Out From Competition

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Alain Crevecoeur- Owner/Creator of Belleme

In the day and age where so many people are creating their own clothing lines and boutiques, it can be difficult to set your brand apart from competitors. But recent Penn State graduate, Alain Crevecoeur makes sure that his new apparel line, Belleme tells a story through art and creativity.

While working with a friend who started a clothing line, Crevecoeur realized that their visions differed, so he decided to create his own. Crevecoeur has also always had a passion for creativity. “In my spare time, I loved create characters, story lines, designs, or whatever,” says Crevecoeur.

Now the name Belleme surely exhibits Crevecoeur’s passion for creativity, and he chose this unique name for a specific reason. Crevecour is Haitian so many things in his culture has French roots. ‘Belle’ means beautiful and he added the word ‘me’ to create, Beautiful Me, which is essentially what Belleme is all about.

Like most apparel lines, there is a spokesmodel that produces brand recognition. But, for BelleMe, Crevecoeur decided against having an individual for the spokesman. “Belleme’s not about one person’s influence, but rather everyone’s influence. So, I went with a cute monkey named after my favorite superhero, Bruce Wayne,” says Crevecoeur.

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Since Belleme’s launch on July 4, sales have been very positive. The website was able to generate over 1,000 page views in just 5 days, with sales increasing. “Right now, our main priority is getting people familiar with the brand and what it stands for,” says Crevecoeur.

Keeping Belleme running is not a one man job, so Crevecoeur looks to his business partner, Somrit Basak to handle all the finances and budgeting, while he takes care of PR, marketing and designing.

According to Crevecoeur, one cool thing that makes his brand different than others is that Belleme bridges the gap between music and fashion. “What I mean by that is we’ve chosen to call our “collections” as either mixtapes or albums like music because they are both art forms that depict a story,” says Crevecoeur. “Our clothing line is inspired by stories the same way songs are inspired by varying life incidents. So, our clothes are not gender specific at all. We release clothes the same way musicians release tracks. As long as one person is touched, we’re happy.”

As far as the “look” of Belleme goes, there wasn’t a specific one that Crevecoeur was going for. He just wants people to see Belleme as a brand that uses creative quotes, innuendos and images to convey life’s altering stories. “Think of it like if music and poly-cotton had a baby; that’s Belleme,” says Crevecoeur.

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Crevecoeur plans to make Belleme a brand that changes the way people look things; including the way they look at clothes, themselves and others. “I want Belleme to be a global force that shares life’s stories one design at a time,” says Crevecoeur.

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Special Announcement: Belleme will be releasing their Snapback Hats on Saturday for $25 and everything from Chapter 1: The Mixtape will be $15 for the Mid-Summer Sale (7/21-7/28). Available on their website.

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