Another Year Living His Dream

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James ‘Keyz’ Foye- Music Producer

For those of you who have been following our Editor-in-Chief’s writing, you will remember James Foye a.k.a., Keyz from an article published on Urban Lux’s website last summer. But for those of you who are not familiar, Keyz is an Atlanta-based producer who is best known for co-producing Omarion’s 2012 hit, “Let’s Talk,” Beyonce’s “I Been On,” Rick Ross’ “My Man” and most recently, “Wickedest Style” on Sean Paul’s album Full Frequency.

Since we last spoke with the 23-year-old, he has been doing even more to add to his pedigree. He says that he made a lot of new connections and relationships that are very important for his career. He’s also taken his music to another level and has been in a great creative space this year. “The best thing I’ve experience this year hands down was working with Ne-Yo a few months back. It was definitely a dream come true. Ne-Yo is a really cool dude, and we all know he is talented, but I watched him in that creative process writing to one of my tracks, and then going in to sing it, and it was just real dope,” says Keyz. “When I was playing tracks for him to pick, he was going crazy over all of them and that was a crazy feeling of me.”

Not only did Keyz have the opportunity to meet and work with Ne-Yo, he also recently met singer/songwriter, Sebastian Mikael. “He’s a really cool dude, so I’m excited about working with him,” says Keyz.  In addition, he scored upcoming placements with singers and songwriters, Asher Monroe and Bando Jones, which will be released this fall.

Being a producer requires late hours and true dedication, and Keyz does this while also being a student. “I have two semesters left, and it’s not really hard. I go to school during the day, usually three times a week and then come home. I do whatever I need to do homework/project wise, and then I’m free and have my sessions at night,” says Keyz. The only thing is I’m always tired because sessions end so late, and I have class in the morning, but it’s cool. I’ve gotten used to it.”


The music industry, isn’t always a positive space and Keyz’s biggest obstacles have been dealing with some of the people in the industry and realizing that you can’t really trust anyone at all or depend on anyone.

In his free time Keyz just likes to relax or hang out with his friends and enjoy everything about Atlanta since he works so hard. Keyz also attends church every Sunday because God is the most important thing to him. “I wouldn’t be anywhere without him,” says Keyz.

In the future, Keyz aspires to work with Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Drake. Production wise he would love to work with Timbaland and Pharrell. “I look forward to just being one of the best producers who has ever done it. I look forward to building my company, TheUpperclassmen with my partner AYO and just really taking it to the top,” says Keyz. “I look forward to working with more amazing people and getting a #1 hit record.”

Listen to Sean Paul’s “Wickedest Style” featuring Iggy Azalea

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