Chelsea Slauson is Making Style her Business

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Chelsea Slauson- Wardrobe Stylist

Since before she can remember, 21-year-old, Los Angeles native, Chelsea Slauson fell in love with fashion. “My mom always tells me of how I used to love dressing myself as a child and how much pride I took into whatever I put on. As I got older I only fell in love more and more, began studying it and figuring out every aspect of it all,” says Slauson.

While deciding what direction she wanted to go in with fashion, a special someone in Slauson’s life gave her the push she needed. “I’ve always been the one to help people pick things out and he just kind of gave me that extra push to go ahead and make a career out of it,” says Slauson. Now she knows that she couldn’t have made a better decision.

Slauson has a tremendous portfolio of clients. She works boutiques as well as individual people. The people she has worked with range from contestants on America’s Next Top Model to former stylist and singer/songwriter Usher’s ex-wife, Tameeka Raymond. “ I don’t see any of my clients as bigger or smaller than the other. I see every client as an opportunity to portray my art,” says Slauson.

If you have the gift of being able to put someone else in pieces that work for them, you must first know how to do it for yourself and Slauson’s style definitely speaks for itself. She says that her style is always changing. “One day I may feel trendy and edgy, the next I may feel very boho chic. I’m a form believer in you can make any piece fabulous so I don’t necessarily have a set style that I stick with. I’m all over the place,” says Slauson.

As far as upcoming projects go, Slauson has a few things up her sleeves that she cannot reveal just yet; however, she definitely wants spectators to keep their eyes opened because “it’s all coming.” In addition, Slauson is focusing on her career as a stylist for now, but she does have aspirations of having her own shoe line. “Maybe later down the line when I have a little more time to focus on several big projects at once. I’m still trying to hit some goals with styling first,” says Slauson.

The biggest goal she plans to reach is styling a Vogue cover. She wants to be known in fashion by her work and not so much personally.  ‘Oh that was styled by Slauson….’ “That’s a phrase that I hope is one day said all over the world,” says Slauson.

For those of you who may be thinking about a career in styling, Slauson has a few words of advice for you. “Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. You can’t just snap your fingers and be at the top. Don’t be afraid to intern and do some free work in order to build a portfolio and a client base,” says Slauson. “Don’t be afraid to work with smaller clients either, some people feel like only big names will get you work, that’s not true. Sometimes the small jobs are the most fun. You have the most freedom with your creativity and you’d be surprised at who may see it.”

Check out some of Chelsea Slauson’s work below.

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