Nicole Fattouche


This week’s beauty is from Annapolis, Maryland and not only has her own style, but also has extraordinary makeup skills. Fattouche describes her style as boho-chic meets upscale fashion. “I adore little detailed prints, flowy & relaxed attire, but I like to clean it up a bit. That’s where the upscale fashion comes in. I love classic looks. I don’t like to mimic, but I do like to get ideas and twist them in a way to compliment me,” says Fattouche. “It’s never one style or the other. I like to think that a mix of both keeps the look interesting.”

Now for makeup, Fattouche prefers a natural look. She goes with simple foundation and bronzer with mascara and a nude lip on a regular day. When she’s feeling fancy, she accentuates one part of her face, so either heavy eye make up or a colored lip, but not both.

Want to check out more of Fattouche’s looks? Follow her on Instagram: @n.fattouche

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