Whitney Vereen


This week’s lovely fashionista is a Southern Belle from Hemingway, South Carolina. Whitney Vereen says that many people mistake her for a New Yorker or Californian because of her style, but she proves that Southerns have style too. “I like to describe myself as a modern day renaissance woman! I’m into the arts (music, photography, fashion, and dance). I like my style to be a reflection of that. It’s eclectic. I’m into so many different things therefore my style is so many different things. It’s simple, but it’s not simple. I pull inspirations from the present, and definitely from the 80s and 90s, thrift finds, Walmart, Forever21, my mom’s closet, etc,” says Vereen. “You don’t have to shop expensive to have a ‘style’! You show who you are through your music, your dance, or your career everyday. So do the same with your style! It’s simple for me, I just show them who I am by what I’m wearing.”

Totally in love with her style? Check her out on Instagram: @theindigosoull

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