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Co-owners of Acid Cupcakes: Simone Webb (left), Gabrielle Alicea (right)

By now, most people know that thrifting is a great alternative to spending tons of bucks on new clothing at their favorite spots. Not only is it cheaper, but you can also find cool vintage pieces that are back in style today. Well, Acid Cupcakes gives you this same experience with a twist.

Launched in May of 2012 by two best friends, Simone Webb and Gabrielle Alicea, the online thrift inspired boutique features recycled clothing from thrift stores, garage sales, etc. and revamps them into pieces full of pizzazz and spunk. According to co-owner, Simone Webb, Acid Cupcakes carries eccentric, unique, and one-of-a-kind items at super affordable prices. “Our items are for adventurous people who don’t care about what anybody thinks,” says Webb.

Now I know you’re probably wondering where this original name came from, so here you have it. One night Webb was laying in bed and a new name for the online boutique popped into her head. Webb thought that since she and Alicea aren’t just girly girls, the name ‘Cupcake’ didn’t seem to fully suit their brand and personalities. Webb asked Alicea what she thought about adding ‘Acid’ to the name and she loved it and automatically created the logo with a bunny holding a gun on top of a cupcake. Ever since then, the Acid Cupcakes following has grown more and more.

Both Webb and Alicea have the ultimate goal of making Acid Cupcakes a global brand. The story of Sophia Amoruso, owner of Nasty Gal (a popular online shop) who started out small and now is a household name, has inspired the duo to follow in her footsteps. “Right now it’s not about making a quick buck,” says Webb. Acid Cupcakes takes great pride in building relationships with their customers, so a homemade thank you sign is given to each and every one of them. “It gives everything a more personal touch and it’s a great keepsake,” says Webb.


Running an online boutique can be taxing, but the Buffalo, New York native also makes time for her career as a freelance stylist and student who studies Fashion Merchandising at Southern New Hampshire University. Webb began styling her friends from head-to-toe and one day decided to make a career out of adding a “Simonipulation” touch to people’s outfits. “It’s something I love and it doesn’t feel like work,” says Webb. She charges her clients a fee, but nothing outrageous.

What to expect from Acid Cupcakes this fall? Plenty of fire! According to Webb, their customers will be in for a treat since thrift stores have the best fall gear. Also, new items will be available on the website later this week.

Looking for some dope pieces? Look below and visit the website!

Follow Acid Cupcakes and the Co-owners on Instagram: @AcidCupcakess; @SimoneAlexisWebb@erratic_ink

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