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Cameron Moore- Creator of Almost Angels

In September 2011, 23-year-old, Prince George’s County, Maryland native Cameron Moore created his clothing line in collaboration with a friend. Moore created the logo for his brand before he came up with a name. He knew that the last ‘A’ in the logo had to stand for ‘Angels’ because there is a halo over it, and with some brainstorming he came up with the word ‘Almost’ to complete the name of the clothing line. “Right away it stood out to me and had a ring to it. Even though it was random the name still has a lot of meaning behind it. I often leave that meaning up to others to interpret for themselves,” says Moore.

Almost Angels is a great collection for urban wear buyers, and although the pieces are made in male sizes, the brand doesn’t turn women away. “As of now everything is kind of unisex. Plenty of females have just ordered a smaller size or just cut & cropped shirts to make them more feminine,” says Moore. “In the future I plan on having pieces specifically for females.”

It is expected that people who have their own clothing line also have their own style and be into the fashion scene, and Moore definitely keeps up with the latest fads in urban fashion. “I think my style is pretty relaxed. I don’t go over the top with the brand names and high fashion trends but I do enjoy them. I do wear A LOT of black though,” says Moore.

So far, a few social media socialites such as Aaleeyah Petty, Dymond Goods, popular Viner leanandcuisine and soccer player, Gregory Nelson have supported Almost Angeles by wearing apparel.

As for the future, Moore plans to grow his brand and become a recognizable name and possible be featured on a couple of popular urban clothing websites and stores. “I would also love to work up to more “high fashion” pieces in the future,” says Moore.

Almost Angels will be dropping their fall collection very soon, so the public should be looking out for it. “Fall is my favorite season, so there are a lot of pieces that I’m really excited about,” says Moore.

Check out some pieces from Almost Angels below before checking out the website. Follow Almost Angels on Instagram: @_almostangels.

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