Mrs. Georgia Globe 2014 Uses Her Beauty for a Great Cause

In lieu of Domestic Violence Month and the recent Ray Rice controversy, I felt that it is very important to touch on the topic. According to the Washington Post, nearly 1/3 of women in the United States and 54 million women per year have experienced domestic violence. Shocking right? Now is the time more than ever to discuss domestic violence in depth with both men and women, and an educated wife, mother, former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader and dancer is doing just this.

Tiffany Marshall Mrs Georgia

Tiffany Marshall, was crowned Mrs. Georgia Globe 2014 this year and instead of putting her beauty and talents towards something superficial, she is bringing this serious conversation to the front line. When asked why she decided to participate in the Mrs. Georgia Globe 2014 pageant, Marshall said, “I like to encourage people. I like to be a motivator and to inspire people, and this way I could compete in a pageant, which I love to do, but I could also make a difference.”

As Mrs. Gerogia Globe 2014, Marshall works with the W.I.N. Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on the recovery and empowerment of domestic violence survivors. In fact, Marshall and the W.I.N. Foundation have recently launched a campaign called “Love Does Not Hurt.” Through this campaign, NFL players are encouraged to participate not only because they are men and need other men to reinforce the importance of refraining from domestic violence, but because they can also be victims. “Naturally when you think about domestic violence, you automatically think about the effect it has on women and you don’t really think about a man,” said Marshall.

Domestic violence isn’t a personal testimony for Marshall, but she has had really close friends that have been in the situation. “I’ve been the girlfriend that has been there and supported them and helped them move their clothes and watched them go back to the same situation, but I was still understanding. I still stood by them,” said Marshall. “Its hard to understand the situation, but being a part of the W.I.N. foundation and kind of getting both sides of the story kind of helps you understand that it’s not that they’re stupid at all, but what Dr. Tracy said, (W.I.N. Foundation founder) it’s a love addiction.

For those who might be in an physically abusive relationship or knows someone who is, Marshall has some advice for you. “Get help and don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you’re in the situation, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let people know what’s going on. Also go to the W.I.N. Foundation’s website and we have tons of resources… tons of training you can take online…we have conferences. There’s a number of things the W.I.N. Foundation offers,” said Marshall.

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