Catalina Lubin





Catalina Lubin is a 19-year-old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Haitian and Cuban roots. “I started falling in love with fashion when I was 15 and I want to prove ppl that I will make it and become a fashion stylist for not only celebrities but people who are confused and need help in wearing the right thing,” says Lubin. “I would describe my fashion as classy with a 70s feel. I love old looks especially 70s 80s and 90s style. I feel like everything was better back then. Yet sometimes my style changes. I like getting inspiration from Solange Knowles. I wanna be able to show ppl that you can make it no matter what struggle ur going thru. I can honestly say that everything I been thru I don’t regret cause it made me stronger and I want to inspire others, not only strangers but my sisters and brothers.”

Lovin Catalina’s funky vintage threads? Follow her on Instagram: @styleofcatalina or Twitter: @styleofcat


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