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Good evening Klassy girls and guys, today I decided to do a Q & A with an up-and-coming model and actress named Fabiola Noel or “Fab” to switch things up. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Fab is from Brooklyn (Canarsie), New York, but moved to Providence, Rhode Island for high school. Fab returned to New York to complete her senior year of high school, and currently resides there. She is 20-years-old with Haitian roots and right now she attends Lehman College.

Jessica Gold: How did you get started in modeling?

Fab: I started modeling about 7 months ago. I started implanting that idea into my head because people would suggest that idea to me; but the main reason that I did modeling was to get out of my shy, reserved state and to get out of my comfort zone and learn about what I can offer.

JG: What kind of modeling do you do now? (print, high fashion, etc.)
Fab: Right now I mainly do print modeling, fashion. I would love to do high fashion even though my height being 5’2, states that I can’t. I like to challenge rules!
JG: What have you done acting wise or plan to do?
Fab: Now acting wise I haven’t done a whole lot. I started taking classes at Barbizon, but I need to really buckle down and take classes. I would really love to do commercials, and speaking roles!
JG: Any upcoming shows/ acting gigs coming up? If so, what if you can disclose this info?
Fab: I’m working really close with a producer/writer now. So let’s see what happens when I cross that bridge.
JG: What do you want to accomplish by the time you are 25?
Fab: By the time that I’m 25 I would want to be financially stable, and have my own business. Of course I’d have my own business right after my face becomes implanted somewhere and people realize my brand. 
Check out some of Fab’s portfolio below…
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Can’t get enough of Fab? Follow her on Instagram: @ibeenfab

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