Say Goodbye to Dark Circles & Tired Eyes

Are you struggling with dark circles or puffy bags under your eyes that never make you appear rested? Well, I have a solution that might work for you. I’ve always had bags appear under my eyes, but not until recently did they become dark. I researched some things and found out that the veins under my skin were coming through and making my under-eye area appear dark. Quick Tip: If you press down under your eye and the darkness disappears, then you have the same issue I was dealing with: veins. According to an article I read, veins come through your skin when the collagen isn’t thick enough to stop them from coming through your skin.

So what do I use to strengthen the collagen under my eyes? I use RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream that visibly reduces: wrinkles around the eyes, crows feet, dark circles, and puffiness.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.42.40 PM

How often to I use RoC? I use it twice a day. Once in the morning after washing my face, and once before bed.

How long have I been using RoC? I’ve been using it for about a month now.

Price? It’s pretty pricy ($19-$22), but well worth it and a little goes a long way. One tube, which is only 0.5 fl oz, will last probably about 2-3 months if used twice a day.

Quick Tip: If you still feel the need to cover your bags, use a concealer and set with Elf High Definition Powder ($6)

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.43.43 PM

Here are some pics of me before and after using RoC…


photo 1 (4)


After using RoC for about a month

photo 2 (5)


7 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Dark Circles & Tired Eyes

  1. Tramiera Jenkins says:

    Imma need to buy this. What do you use as a cleanser for your face? Lately I’ve been getting acne on my jaw bone area of my face. I’ve been using Dove but doesn’t seem to be getting better. I have a wedding next year and my face has to be clear acne/blemish free. What do you suggest? Thanks

    • Jessica Gold says:

      Hey sis, I use Neutrogena facial wash with makeup remover and I use Aveeno facial moisturizer or Alba. I break out on my jaw line too but it usually fades away. Try a mask. That usually clears my skin up.

      • Tee says:

        What kinda mask do you use? Or recommend? My face is rather sensitive and I try to stick to natural products as much as possible. My face tends to dry quickly and sometimes my skin in the creases of my nose and under my bottom lip gets irritated. Ugh I swear getting older you start getting gray hair eczema etc lol. Thanks Jessica

      • Jessica Gold says:

        I use the feeling beautiful facical anti-stress mask with dead sea minerals. I got it from walmart and use once a month. Neutrogena’s products are natural I believe. I know the one I use is. So it should work with your sensitive skin.

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