Mary Jane’s Closet

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Owner & Creator of Mary Jane’s Closet, Jasmine Anderson

Who said that you can’t be a student hitting the books and a business woman on the grind at the same time? If anyone did, they obviously don’t know Jasmine Anderson. Anderson is a graduating senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, but still finds time to build her brand. In February 2012, Anderson launched Mary Jane’s Closet on BigCartel (a popular website for clothing/boutique owners to sell merchandise from) after brainstorming with her friends on her brilliant business idea. Finally, after speaking with some of her friends from Central High School in Philadelphia, she landed on the name Mary Jane’s Closet, which perfectly aligned with the concept of “What Weed (we’d or we would) Wear;” hence the name “Mary Jane.”

So what exactly is Anderson’s brand? Well, it’s an online shop that carries vintage, reconstructed and some contemporary styles all for less than $25. “I was big on thrift and bargain shopping, and I wanted to show off my trendy finds. I knew I couldn’t hold on to every stylish piece I found out thrifting, especially since some stuff wasn’t my size or for women,” says Anderson. “So, I decided to offer these bargains to others like myself! I know how lazy my generation is and that everyone doesn’t like shopping but everyone does like to look nice. I also kept in mind that as young people, we do not all have the cash to afford the major labels and brands that are out. I vowed to sell everything less than $25 to comfort my target audience.”

And of course with every triumph, comes a struggle, so Anderson has definitely faced many unexpected experiences. “One big things I’ve learned is that people (even those closest to you) could care less about what you’re doing unless it benefits them. But one of the greatest experiences is seeing your site being viewed all over the world. I’ve received orders from Australia and the UK. Most of the orders I receive are outside of the state I live in (PA) and that’s amazing to me. My support doesn’t come from friends or locals, but from strangers who really support and like MJC, and that makes me happy,” says Anderson.

But, many consumers do not know the woman behind the brand. According to Anderson, she doesn’t use herself to promote her business or model her merchandise. “I believe it’s very important to keep personal and professional lives separate,” says Anderson.

Anderson’s ultimate goal is to become BigCartel’s number one online vintage shop, and in three years expects that MJC not only be known in Philly, but in various also in various areas around the globe.

Want to see More of MJC? Check out the photos below, follow the IG (@maryjanecloset_) and visit the site!

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