When business and philanthropy are taken to the next level, people like Jorge Rodriguez, the founder of GOOSNYC are to be credited. At the age of 20, Rodriguez is not only a business owner, but he is also an innovator. Currently, Rodriguez is a student at Adelphi University and hails from the borough of Queens in New York City.

In 2013, Rodriguez launched his brand, GOOSNYC. “I was inspired by other young clothing brands in Brooklyn, New York and Manhattan that were getting exposure and celebrity views. I started brainstorming ideas with a close friend of mine and after two months of research, hard work, and determination the brand was ready for release. This past January 2015, the brand has completed it’s second anniversary and I am working to make it an epic year,” says Rodriguez.

GOOSNYC features a variety of signature snapback hats, a phone case and an ancient stone shirt that channels an upscale urban feel. The new snapback collection is made out of 100% Polyurethane Faux-Leather Material. “They are the next trend and I’m marketing the Gold Leather Snapback in particular because it’s a different look,” says Rodriguez. These hats can be purchased both on the site or by emailing


Of course for every original brand, must come a name that stands out from the rest, and GOOSNYC is the epitome of this. GOOS stands for “God on Our Side,”  with the idea that God favors all of our undertakings, according to Rodriguez. But GOOS embodies other elements such as faith, leadership, character, ambition, love, and determination. The Egyptian Goose, which is present in the logo, ties into the meaning of the brand. “The Egyptian goose is extremely territorial and often fights with others for breeding ground. This characteristic symbolizes the ambition my talent possesses to compete for a spot in the clothing industry spotlight. The goose will push further than what is required to achieve it’s goals,” says Rodriguez. “The Egyptian goose’s offspring, even after they are grown, have a relationship with their mother and father. Hence, even after fortune and success I will never forget where I came from; always remembering my roots, being humble, and giving back. This is what I apply to the business and to my life.”

Rodriguez has the art of being a young business man down without a doubt, but he also makes it a point to give back. For every GOOSNYC shirt sold, a portion is given to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. This philanthropic spirit was ingrained in him as he saw his mother faithfully donate to the charity.

In addition, Rodriguez runs an Amazon Seller Account called, Rodriguez Cosmetics. He plans to expand this business and run more than three Amazon Accounts by the time he graduates.

Where does Rodriguez see himself in five years? He glimpses more creation and designing on his plate; along with a comfortable, leisure life that will never abandon his humble and faithful beginnings.

Check out the GOOSNYC promo video below!

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