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Wasimah Dorn- Owner of Cledgy Customs LLC

Living in the age of social media is definitely both a blessing and a curse. We can communicate more freely, but we also are more obsessed with other people’s lives than our own. We’ve become so obsessed that we might even desire to live the life of celebrities or Instagram “famous” people or even look and/or dress like them. It’s like we’ve lost our own identities and prefer to follow trends.

A small solution that might ultimately popularize a wave of individuality and solve this problem is Cledgy Customs LLC. Cledgy Customs and it’s owner/creator, Wasimah Dorn, a Philadelphia native, strives to encourage originality through clothing. Although it is a fairly new brand, Cledgy Customs has left its footprint on one’s personal style and fashion choices by mixing wholesale purchased pieces with customized elements. Dorn usually purchases wholesale clothing, but makes it her own masterpiece by adding personal touches that are present in her vision as well as what customers may suggest. On average, the customization process usually takes about an hour; depending upon the item and occasion. It also depends on Dorn’s schedule. She juggles between her business and being a full-time student at Delaware Tech, where she studies entrepreneurship.

Cledgy Customs launched in August 2014, but Dorn has always known that she wanted to own a fashion brand. “Honestly, I’ve always been into fashion. I cannot remember a time where I went out and somebody didn’t compliment me,” says Dorn. Some people even inquired about her making items for them, and finally she took them up on their offers.

Cledgy Customs embodies class , edge and customization… hence the name. “Im all about embracing who you are, loving what you see in the mirror and not walking around looking like everybody else. Everybody is wearing the same thing. Nobody is different anymore,” says Dorn.

In five years, Dorn says that her brand will be worldwide and we’ll see it on red carpets. “You’re going to be seeing it everywhere. It’s going to be one of those brands. Timeless. It’s never going to go out of style. It’s going to be classic designs. You can get use out of it and you won’t get tired of wearing it,” says Dorn.

Check out Cledgy Customs designs below and visit the site to make your purchase today! Also follow the IG account: @cledgycustoms.





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