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Kristina Kemp- Designer of Essential Effeckt

About a month ago, I attended the Coming to America Fashion Show in Atlanta that was produced by my friend, PoshSnob and Nevaeh’s Boutique and Kristina Kemp was one of the designers who presented their work. Her clothing was full of pizzazz, so I knew I had to feature her on my blog.

Kemp is the creator of Essential Effeckt and is from Douglasville, Georgia. The 24-year-old has been designing for almost three years. Essential Effeckt encourages confidence and inner beauty. “As a designer, I feel that it is my job to help women (especially those beautiful women who lack that confidence) feel beautiful in what they wear and claim their sexy back. My line gives women all the effects a woman wants in herself, whether it’s sexy, classy, beautiful, or stylish. These effects are essential in a women’s appearance as well as on the inside, and every woman should experience them because she IS beautiful,” says Kemp.

But with accepting the responsibility of making all women feeling sexy, Kemp at times faces “designer’s block,” which is the same thing as “writer’s block.” At some moments Kemp’s brain runs out of ideas that will consistently align with the vision of her clothing line and justly represent herself.

As far as short term goals, Kemp plans to expose her talent and brand to as much of Atlanta as possible, as well as other cities and states. She has already gained customers in New Jersey and Arizona. “My long-term goal of course is to become a huge fashion designer well known to the world. It would make me proud to know that my brand is reaching many women throughout the world and helping them gain that confidence,” says Kemp.

At the moment customers can follow Kemp on Instagram: @fashion_by_her and place orders via email:, or by contacting me via phone. 6785487336. By following her on Instagram, customers will be able to see the announcement she will make when the website is no longer under construction and accessible to them. Until then, customers may continue to place orders via email or phone.

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