McKenzie Renae: Beauty Blogger & Businesswoman

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Popular Atlanta-based blogger and clothing website owner, McKenzie Renae is a 27-year-old Hampton University Alumna who hails from Austin,Texas. She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and got her start as a freelance makeup artist during college. “I would do all the girls makeup before big events, for fashion shows, parties, birthdays, you name it,” she says. “My friends would frequently ask me certain beauty questions and I started to notice that many of them had similar concerns and inquiries. So I decided to start a blog so I could answer everyone’s questions on the same platform. I started with a Tumblr account and the rest is history.”

A little over two years ago, McKenzie Renae started her custom denim line called Renae Cut Offs. “It all started by me making a pair of my own and posting them on my blog. I received so many messages on where I got them that I thought it would be a great creative outlet to start a small line and see how it went,” she says. “I came up with the name, created the logo, set up my site, and started making inventory. Each piece is one of a kind and distressed by me. No third party or wholesale purchases. That’s what makes Renae Cut Offs unique, the line is truly for fashion forward women who strive for individual style, dress effortlessly, and never want to be duplicated.”

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McKenzie Renae is someone who I personally admire, and I’m sure many other young bloggers and aspiring clothing line owners do as well. She has some awesome advice for those striving to make their dreams come true. “As much as this sounds so cliché, it’s never been more true to remain authentic and to not conform to outside ideas and ways of thinking that can keep you trapped in a box. There are plenty of copy cats out here, be original. If you have an idea or venture that you feel confident in pursuing then go for it, because most people are afraid to follow their dreams anyway. Understand that you will fail at something and it will be ok. The most important thing to do is to get back up and keep it moving. That’s what separates a true entrepreneur from the rest. My last piece of advice is to understand that not every will understand or encourage your vision or dreams. It doesn’t make them a bad person, it just means that it’s not for everyone to get. Show people, and tell only those that you trust or that can help you get there. Best of luck!”

Visit McKenzie Renae’s blog and Renae Cut Offs (site currently under construction). Also follow her on IG: @mckenzie_renae

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