My Obsession Boutique

Looking for some a new place to shop? Well, I’ve got you covered…

The newly founded My Obsession Boutique is an online boutique with potential to grow into a even bigger brand. My Obsession Boutique was created by Irene McGill, who is a Largo, Maryland native. She created her brand just a few months ago, in order to fulfill her desire to create a style for play, as well as a sophisticated style for day-to-day living. According to McGill, My Obsession Boutique is for the every day woman with class and sophistication. As her brand grows, McGill plans to gain exposure by showcasing My Obsession Boutique pieces at special parties one to two times per year. McGill is also open to the idea of a owning storefront if it’s in the cards.


Irene McGill- Creator of My Obsession Boutique

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Want to learn more about My Obsession Boutique? Visit the site and follow them on IG: @MyObsession_btq

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