Posh & Private: Partners in Business & in Life

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Brandi and Brandon Carson- Owners of Posh & Private Event Design

Imagine waking up everyday to your spouse and then completing a full workday with them… Some of you may be thinking that this sounds like a complete nightmare, while others of you might feel your heart warming to the idea of this. Of course being married and owning a business together isn’t a piece of cake, but Posh and Private Event Design owners, Brandi and Brandon Carson prove that this vision isn’t as difficult as it may seem if goals are aligned and egos are checked at the door.

Posh and Private, Event Design is a  Houston-based boutique event planning firm that ‘focuses on designing and planning luxury milestone celebrations that allow you to commemorate life’s unforgettable moments,’ according to the website. Basically, the Carson’s ensure that their clients’ events will surpass their expectations, and all that is required from them is to show up and enjoy.

Posh and Private was created in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2013 that both Brandi and Brandon were employed full-time by their business. The couple met in college in Atlanta (Spelman College & Morehouse College) and according to Brandon, Brandi has had her mind set on an event planning company since their honeymoon. Brandi also wasn’t a rookie to the event planning world when Posh and Private was created. She got her start during her junior year in high school. “We would have a fashion show with different prom trends and I think the junior class was responsible for doing that,” says Brandi. “It was from that point that I kind of knew that I really, really loved doing events.”

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Brandi’s resume also includes event design at the White House Social Office, and consulting at Accenture LLP. Brandon comes from a background in event planning as well, so this couple was bound to make waves in the industry. The Carson’s say that their favorite events to design are the ones where their clients trust them enough to let them do their jobs. “I really like it when people allow us to utilize our creativity. We really stress trying to take the event from people’s hands… and not so they don’t have control, but so they can really enjoy their event,” says Brandi.

So how does this power couple juggle a successful work and marriage life together? Brandon says, “You have to be able to differentiate your personal feelings from your professional feelings. You may be in an argument with your spouse or angry at your spouse, but at the end of the day if you are at work during your work time, that needs to be a sideline so that you can accomplish the task at hand.” He continues by explaining that your business should not overtake your marriage. Brandon stresses the importance devoting time to spend with each other and disconnecting from work and the world.

Currently, the Carson’s create all kinds of events, from weddings to birthday parties, but the couple shares a desire to incorporate international designs, which tend to have a more modern aesthetic.

Want more Brandi and Brandon? You can check out their work during Kachelle Kelly’s “Dream Pray Hustle” tour, which will be wrapping up in Washington, DC on August 1 and in New York City on August 15. Unfortunately, the DC leg of the tour is sold out, but you can purchase tickets for NYC here!  You can also visit the Posh & Private site to stay updated and learn more about the Carson’s!

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