Trendy Tuesday- A la mode: Suede

By Sandra

All types of seventies trends are coming back after a 40 year hiatus. I mean, who can get rid of the seventies anyway? The decade that brought us peace, love & soul, kung-fu fighting, Grease, and John Lenon & Ono Yoko. We can’t forget about our favorite fashion trends that have made their way back into our hearts in recent years either such as: paisley printsflower headbandsplatform shoes. However, this year’s seventies trend is suede! Suede is back and making bold statements, whether dressed up or dressed down… and that’s actually why it’s so popular; because it can be worn either way!

I recently purchased a pair of black, suede, over-the-knee boots from Zara (for a killer deal, by the way) and I am completely obsessed with them. I’ve worn them to work, church, and just to hang out with friends and the compliments are endless! Why? Because I can dress them up with leggings and a shawl or a cute shift dress; or I can dress it down with a pair of light denim jeans and a cute sweater and look effortlessly flawless. Suede shoes are not the only head turners. Suede bomber jackets and front-button skirts have flooded New York’s 2016 Fashion Week and I have to say I’m in awe. They are awesome for street style/casual wear and the trendiest of the trendiest are rocking their suede finds in bold colors such as burgundy, mustard, and burnt orange!

suede 3.jpg


These suede must-haves are everywhere, so you don’t have to go to Neiman Marcus to find this fabulosity. H&MForever 21,  Zara, and Nordstrom Rack are all places you can go for a fabulous suede steal.

Suede is not only making bold statements on women! I was actually walking around in Chinatown/Gallery place, D.C. on my lunch break when I stopped by a men’s clothing store. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch the name, but that was because I was too taken aback by their beautiful suede jackets. I would love for my man to wear this; It’s very flattering and would look great on any skin color, not only because the richness and boldness of hues, but also because of the soft-appealing texture. Fellas, this jacket can be dressed down for date night with your Mrs.

If you haven’t found your suede find for the fall/winter season, don’t worry because designers are making trendy suede designs for the summer junkie.

So you’ve heard it from your Trendy Tuesday Topliner- la mode es suede. Send us pictures of some of your favorite suede finds!

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