The Butterfly Experience

By Robin

I have learned that trials truly come to make us strong. The situations that I’ve experienced in my life, may have taken someone else out……Faith would not allow me to let my trials defeat me. I have grown and learned to call my trials “My Butterfly Experiences”…. When a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis, it goes through a great deal of darkness, there is pressure and pain as everything that is familiar and comfortable begins to change. If the caterpillar does not persist and continue to fight through this dark situation, it would never emerge into a Beautiful butterfly.

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Some of my Butterfly Experiences include: abuse, neglect, rape, death of love ones, depression, and rejection….As I look back and press forward to move past these experiences, I realize that I would not have never emerged into the butterfly I am today, had I not made it through my dark circumstances…..Faith, Prayer, Belief in God, love, support, and Belief in Myself have allowed me to make it over…….I will no longer live in my consequences but today I’m living on purpose. Stay tuned as I speak more about making it through the difficulties mentioned above.
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