Why isn’t it fun being healthy?

It feels like the trigger topic of the moment is health. Good health or bad health if we’re not thinking about it we’re talking about it with our friends, our gym buddies, our co-workers, and you definitely called your mom the other morning to discuss that iffy BM am I right? But why does it feel like for as much effort and money that’s spent on achieving better health and fitness, we just don’t want to do it?


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This list compiled in 2013 by Livestrong highlights the 10 reasons people do not exercise:

  1. No Time
  2. No Energy
  3. Competing Interests
  4. Haven’t Developed the Habit
  5. No Motivation
  6. Too Overwhelming
  7. Poor Diet
  8. Current Physical Condition
  9. No Access
  10. Lack Of Results

As a former training manager in two very popular East Coast gym companies an important part of my job was to guide new members through their initial fitness assessment and discuss a plan of action on how to set goals and achieve them realistically and safely. I only stayed with both companies a cumulative 7 months and after meeting with over 50% of the new members one-on-one for an hour, I can attest that every single one of these reasons seems, to the individual giving them, to be a huge obstacle in beginning and maintaining the journey to better health and fitness. No matter how much the person wants to lose the weight, get more active or feel better in general it seems, unfortunately, to be more than one can handle to commit to a healthy eating and exercise regimen. Even more alarming to me was the amount of people I met with who chose to go the route of Personal Training as a form of punishment for themselves, something that would force them to commit to taking their health seriously.

On the other side of the spectrum I came across individuals who would go out of their way to do everything BUT eating healthier and exercising to achieve better health and fitness. I listened to stories of fruit and water diets, viewed pictures of different body shapers and waist trainers, and most terrifying of all were the stories of people trying the Omnitrition diet which loosely, consists of taking wildly expensive vitamin drops several times a day for a period no longer than 30 days to sustain you while you attempt to exist on a measly 500 calories a day of which those calories must be sugar free and low carb. Simply put, it is unsustainable and I don’t know a 1 year old that could function on 500 calories a day. It’s as if people are willing to do everything but the basics when it comes to health and it really is just eating mostly non processed foods and getting moderate to rigorous exercise for at least an hour daily. I went into my own gym and asked freelance Personal Trainer and Gym Over Everything Co-Owner, Joon Kim his opinion on why people can’t commit to getting healthy and his response was “They don’t love themselves enough to care for their own health. People will put work before health as an excuse not to exercise.”

In this world of instant gratification and results at the click of a button, could it be that we are putting our own health on the backburner because of the time and effort it involves? Why is it so hard to do the right thing for ourselves when we can make time for chipotle, facebook and blogging? Could it be that we just don’t love ourselves enough anymore?


Rikki Mason, Avid Dog lover


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