God as my GPS

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As I made a drive to PA for work, I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind and I decided to jot them down.
What was most apparent to me is how amazing technology is. I was able to speak text all of my thoughts, which is pretty cool and convenient while driving. I felt it was safe lol but I’m sure someone will complain. Even though technology is astonishing and is flourishing as this world advances, I felt we’ve lost sight of who really blessed us with all of these great things..God. Im not sure where I was going so used GPS. I just typed in the address and it put me in route to my location and that’s it I don’t do much more. It made me think back to you know probably like the 1700s where they’re traveling to figuring out the land and they had no GPS to guide them. But they did have one thing and that was trust in God. That’s the only thing they had to guide them because they did not know anything of the land or which footsteps of really walk in. Their only compass, their only GPS was God, and their trust in him. They just walked through this world knowing deep in your heart that God would guide them to the next destination and that’s all they lived off of, that’s what they fed on.

Today, we have all this technology here to make life “easy” but does it really make life that easy? How can I trust that my GPS will take me to that location? Half the time I don’t have service because i have T-Mobile so who knows what direction my GPS is going in. But if I ask God to guide me, I don’t have to question or doubt anything because he knows it all and he’s 100% guareented. I just want to be mindful in life that I use God as my GPS that he guides every step of my way so that I don’t get lost and I land at the destination that he has for me. God is my spiritual compass that always points north(heaven).


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