For the Love of Makeup.


“You’re too pretty to  wear makeup.”

“She must have insecurities.”

“Guys don’t like girls who wear makeup.”

Lets talk about “makeup shaming”- this negative outlook on woman wearing makeup. There is an assumption of females not being self-confident or self-assured if she wears makeup. Who started this trend?

As I am speaking from a makeup lovers point of view: Lets get this straight. Makeup is not a reflection of poor self-image. A woman does not need to wear makeup to feel beautiful. It is, in fact, a choice.

I do understand the importance of self empowerment and self love as we are. I support raising young woman to uplift themselves. We are all born with beautiful skin.

Therefore, I am not recommending that any woman, “should” wear makeup. I do, however, agree that is does enhance your natural features. The point of makeup is not to cover flaws.

Keep in mind also that because you choose to wear makeup, does not mean that you are artificial.

For many, makeup is a hobby. It is a form of fashion, a form of art, and is fun to use. It compliments an outfit, gets you into character. Makeup even changes with the seasons and can go from day to night.

Lets also stop thinking that woman wear makeup to please men. We wear it for ourselves, and the satisfaction of feeling put together when we walk by the mirror. Confidence starts on the inside. How we feel about ourselves starts within, then projects how we present ourselves to the world.

I understand there is just as equal of a debate as to why not wearing makeup is best. However, my goal is to not tell you whether or not to wear makeup. My goal is to simply say that it is okay to enjoy wearing makeup.

Don’t feel bad about doing something that is designed to make you feel good about yourself. And the same goes for woman who don’t wear makeup.

Choose what feels right to  you as we are all abundantly beautiful, inside and out.

 Stay fulfilled,

Ms. Aja Gibbs

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