Doni Brown: Driven by Life’s Circumstances

Doni Brown is a Dallas, Texas based blogging expert who started her own business and blogger boot camp (where she teaches blogging skills and how to monetize from it) at only age 19. Brown has just turned 20, and has some astronomical plans on the horizon. But before this exciting turn in her life, she began blogging about her passion for fashion during a rough time in her life. Brown explains in an interview with Jessica Chinyelu, that she and her family were basically homeless about six years ago. Brown used her blog as an escape. “Whether I was in a good place or bad place in my life, I still used my blog as a way to express myself, as a way to take my mind off of things. And that was my ‘why,'” said Brown.

When asked how overcoming rough times contributed to her passion and success, Brown said “I feel like if I had never gone through anything, I definitely wouldn’t be as ambitious and driven as I am now. I think your trials really light a fire under you. Most people that have ever been great will tell you that their pain helped them birth something beautiful. But, beyond that, it also helped me be more grateful! I think that’s key to excelling. You need to be grateful in order to continue flowing in your blessings.”

Adversity revealed Brown’s passion and perseverance, but her relationship with God has made her a more driven woman. “I would probably be doing something normal, not putting myself out there or having the self esteem to do anything I wanted. My faith in my gifts and talents wouldn’t be as strong. A lot of my dreams would probably be shelved,” said Brown when describing her path would differ without God.

If you haven’t been following Brown’s journey, she wants you to know that she will probably stop blogging soon because her content will move to video, and she is starting her own advertising agency!

To keep up with Miss Doni Brown, follow her on IG @TheDoniBrown, visit her website, and watch her interview on Women of Purpose Network.


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