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By Jessica Gold

About three months ago, I stopped eating “meat,” and became a Pescatarian. What exactly is a Pescatarian? According to Merriam-Webster, a Pescatarian is “one whose diet includes fish, but no other meat.”



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Honestly, I had been thinking about this lifestyle for about a year, but didn’t have the courage to go through with it until December 2015. So, I know you’re probably thinking “Girl, why did you do that and how do you do that?” The last question is what I ask myself at least once a week when I smell a cheeseburger or see Popeyes chicken on TV. But, to answer the first question, I became a Pescatarian first because of how dangerous and unhealthy meat can be in this day and age. The thoughts of all the steroids and preservatives that are put into meat really started bothering me, and I thought to myself “if I can in some way prevent myself from getting a terminal illness and become an overall better, healthier me, I’m down for the challenge.”

But I think what really pushed me to make the lifestyle change was God. God? I know that sounds strange, but as I pondered on the lifestyle, I felt God pushing me to do so. I didn’t feel forced, but it was more so a feeling of approval.

In addition to only eating seafood, I also limited my dairy intake. I rarely drink dairy milk or eat eggs, but instead opt for reduced sugar vanilla almond milk. I do however still eat cheese because I eat veggie pizzas on the days I don’t feel like eating fish or shrimp.

After three months away from meat, I can wholeheartedly say I am happy with my decision. However, there are always pros and cons to every lifestyle change, so I’ll let you in on the REAL.


  • Technically healthier eating habits/ choices (not as much toxic food in your body)
  • More energy/ cleaner feeling
  • Weight loss
  • Less bloating
  • Regular bowel movements


  • Can lack key vitamins and minerals such as B12, Protein, and Iron.
  • Variety of meals can be difficult
  • You miss meat but it gets easier as time goes on



What I do for B12, Protein, and Iron:

I eat peanut butter about 2-3 times a week with apples or on a PB&J sandwich. I also try to eat nuts in general to make sure I’m getting enough protein. Another way I bulk up on protein is by eating Veggie burgers which contain tons of protein. For iron, I try my best to get my nourishment from leafy greens and by taking a multivitamin. I also take a B12 vitamin daily to balance out my intake.

I’m not an expert on this lifestyle, but I have been learning so much throughout it, which is leading to an overall better me. I am mentally sound, emotionally secure, physically strong, and spiritually fed.

4 thoughts on “My New Lifestyle

  1. George Jackson says:

    Big Ups on your life change! I been vegetarian for 4 years and my friends and I still have discussions about why I improved my diet. I might have been blessed to experience those cons. I actually had the opposite with them. I started eating more greens and beans, getting more iron and protein than I was getting from the fake meats I was I also tried a lot of new things. Eating meat is so convenient now-a-days, as soon as you get hungry there’s a fast food spot for you to get some chicken or a burger. Being vegetarian I gotta drive a lil bit longer and find a good spot or take myself home and make my own food.

    Keep it up Queen! thanks for the posts!

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