The Proof of Passion is Pursuit- Rev Run

Happy Easter!

Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus came down and lived a sinless life for 33 years and died for a corrupt generation. Not only did he give us this great sacrifice for a chance to be with the creator of the universe for eternity, he also gave us an example, a standard or righteousness to live up to. Sometimes, I can barely grasp this concept, thinking to myself “How… why would ANYONE die for people, who don’t even know Him…who reject Him…”? Then I realize that it’s because my heart is in rebellion. I want to live in a way that is contradictory to Jesus’ life. Crazy how Satan works right? The real problem (that I want to be rebellious) isn’t obvious, but a disingenuous thought will manifest instead (“Do I really believe in this”?) Of course, God gives graciously and he snaps me back to reality. However, this brings me to the basis of my discussion today that’s been on my mind since the Metro fiasco. If Jesus is our example of a righteous life that glorifies God and we are thankful for his sacrifice, how much time are we really spending with Him and how humble are we being to ask Him to help us be like Him?

I work in Northwest, Washington D.C., which requires me to take the Metro to get to work. Some of you DMV natives may be familiar with Metro, but for those of you who aren’t aware, it is the equivalent to the New York subway. For the first time in years, Metro decided to shut down their system for 28 hours in order to do much-needed safety repairs. This caused a major problem for employees who work in the DC metropolitan area as Metro is their preferred means of transportation. Some of my fellow-train riders decided to take the bus, cab/uber, or drive-in to work while some decided not to come to work at all… I decided to go to work. While contemplating the best course of action, standing outside of Union station and observing all of the chaos, I decided that I would walk to work. I started my GPS up, and had 45 minutes to kill. (Thank God, it was a beautiful day out). “What can I do with 45 minutes I thought”? I plugged in my earphones and started to search through my music library, and then something told me “Pray. Just pray”. I paused my music and began to pray (silently… just me and God); We just talked; we laughed. I confessed, I told Him what I wanted, but, I asked for his will. 20 minutes passed, I was halfway to work, and my mood was set for the day. I listened to music for the remaining 25 minutes. I already had a quiet time that morning before I left the house, but what a difference it made to spend more time with God!

Ladies, I ask you today… what are you doing with your spare time? Are you spending it with God, confessing and vocalizing your love and need for Him? When you’re taking that morning run/morning commute, are your talking to God? When you’re on your lunch break, are you reading your word? When your heart is troubled at night, are you crying out to God? I’m not saying every waking moment you need to be praying and reading. What I am saying is to remember Him, his sacrifice, and prioritize Him!

Ladies, as summer is coming up, and everything is getting super busy, let’s remember to spend time with God and let our souls find rest in Him!

Nothing but love,


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  1. Sherry Landrum says:


    I much needed reminder for us as we continue on our journeys. Thanks for waking us up from our sleepy attitudes about prayer!

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