Trendy Tuesday: Shop for Your Preference

I can’t remember the last time I planned to go to a clothing store to shop. I rarely make appearances there and that’s only to exchange, return or purchase an item I found online. For today’s Trendy Tuesday Tip, I’m spilling all of my secrets and sharing how to shop for your preference whether you’re low on funds, wear a size that’s hard to shop for and a little bit of everything else in between! Online shopping is the only way I can browse and checkout with the very item I had in mind when I started (Yup, this goes out to all those little cute things  in the checkout line, we don’t need you!) Let’s get started!

For the Thrifty:


Romwe is your go-to site for that bomber jacket that’s been making waves everywhere, but you’re not tryna spend your last coin to get one. To be honest, Romwe is a knock off shop. You’re VERY likely to find a recycled look from Nastygal, Zara or House of CB on here and I am NOT complaining! You’re in the right place if you’re looking to stock up on fun accessories, bandu’s, chokers etc. The site may look a little sketchy and some of the prices too good to be true, but with a little trial and error you can find gold! Although most of the prices are dirt cheap, the real work comes in the research. To prevent getting a product that’s too small, tight or inflexible, I always look at the material the item is made of. The other to do is line up the measurements of the item to yourself, that’s usually a dead give away. There’s been times when a dress will show as a knee length style on the model, but when I measured the length against myself, it stopped right at my thighs. Oh yea, and don’t be too naïve. If you see a prom dress listed on the site for $30, it probably doesn’t look like that in real life LOL. If all else fails, you can always return items that aren’t true to size or image so whatta have to lose?

Other notable mentions: (a lil’ bit of everything) (Shoes)

Trendy Tip: If you’re easily overwhelmed by the options when shopping online, adjust the filters by choosing your size, colors (if necessary) then the article of clothing you’re searching for. Complete and repeat for each item until you narrow down what you’re looking for.

For the Tall or Small:


If you’re an online shopper, I wouldn’t be surprised if ASOS is already your favorite and if not, girllll let me tell you. They’re always a winner in my book because of the diversity of options. Not only do they have almost everything in your desired color, pattern and fabric, they also have clothing options specifically catered to women 5’3″ and under labeled Petite or women 5’9″ and over girls labeled Tall. This is a game changer! Any girl on either side of the spectrum will tell you it’s annoying to wear clothes that aren’t adjustable to your height. Standing at 5’11” I can really appreciate the tall selection. It can be a bit of a burden to search high and low for jeans to actually stop past your ankle instead of always sporting the ankle jean look. So for all of you short or tall girls who usually comprise fit for style, there’s hope in ASOS!

 Just Right:

Every experienced online shopper knows that the best outfits are a combination of different brands. Don’t limit yourself to just one website, style or price range. Switch it up! My best outfits are when I mix something adequately priced with a luxury item or vice versa. Your style is what makes the outfit, not the brand! I have a ton of go to’s for this category so here’s a few.

Missguided: Great for going out dresses, summer style (bodysuits, meshtops) jackets and shoes. All reasonably priced and can find trendy without being b@$iC*. P.S: Their sales are worth waiting for.


LOFT: I purchased a few work items from here, mostly skirts and dresses, which also double as “church clothes”. They have sales often and this store is a great option if you want to turn down your wardrobe and add a little modest class without breaking the bank.


Trendy Tip: You like it? Think you like it? Looks like something you already own that you like? Add it all to your shopping cart! You can always delete what you don’t like and it’s better than looking for it when you’re ready to complete your purchase. Plus, looking at the total while you’re in the shopping cart helps you get real about what’s staying and what’s not.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping (and always shop in the SALE section first! 🙂 )

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