Trendy Tuesday: That’s a Wrap!

Wrap it, tie it, bun it! Head wraps (also known as turbans) are in and making bold statements, especially with the increasing number or women wearing their natural curls. Ladies are flaunting these head pieces in tribal, solid, and floral prints. However, this is not a new trend; head wraps have been around FOREVER.


Head wraps started as a tradition in sub-Saharan Africa. Women wore wraps to covey modesty, spirituality, and wealth and as you can imagine, there are different head wraps for different occasions. For example, a black head wrap would convey mourning, whereas a white head wrap may convey new life. A more colorful head-wrap could be worn on an everyday basis and the richer the material of the head wrap, the wealthier the individual. As a Ghanaian woman, growing up, I would often see my mother, grandmother, and aunties wear these head wraps to special occasions, typically tied from the extra fabric of the outfit she was sporting (see below). In Ghanaian culture, headdresses are referred to as a “duku” (doo.koo). In Nigeria, the headdress is referred to as “wrappa”. These wraps weren’t only used to convey social status; however, they were used to protect hair against the harsh sub-Saharan sunrays especially with the agrarian culture.



Of course, when African slaves were brought to America, they brought their traditions with them. However, under this condition of life, head wraps became more practical than stylish. Slave women wore head wraps to protect not only against the harsh sun, but from hair disease.




But, as we evolved in hygiene, the head wrap became less prominent and less acceptable to wear in every day life. Women would mainly wear a variation of this by tying a satin scarf over their head to protect their hair from the cotton blends of the bed sheets which dry hair. But today, the head wrap is back and more fashionable than ever. I think with the convenience of it, this trend won’t be going anywhere for a while.

Why Turban?

As a natural gal myself, I personally love the turban/wrapping my hair when I am deep conditioning, wearing twists/bantu knots, or just having a bad hair day, but I need to leave the house. I can wear my turban, look cute, and take down my hair the next day.

Some wear it as a fashion statement, because let’s be honest- this accessory just looks great!



The turban gives me a boho-hipster chic vibe that I absolutely must adhere to! If I wear a turban, you can typically catch me wearing a flowy maxi dress, a denim button down, or print leggings/lounge pants with a loose top. I love this vibe for when I am not business-casual for work.


(I was deep conditioning at church :))


If you have a print head wrap, I suggest wearing solid colored clothing so that you do not clash. Sometimes mixing prints works, but typically it looks a bit much. On the other hand, if you have a solid head wrap, feel free to experiment with printed clothing.

Sometimes, head wraps can be difficult to tie or frame to your face shape; I suggest playing around with it and visiting The Wrap Life, which was started by Nnenna Stella, a Brooklyn waitress turned designer who was frustrated with the lack of head wraps, thus, she started designing her own. Check out her website, and instagram to purchase these fab head pieces, and even learn how to tie them yourself!

Well, you heard it from me. Wrap that pretty little head and flaunt! Tell us how you like to wear your head wraps/send us pictures of your go to styles!

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