Can’t stop Won’t stop

Hey lady,

So, I guess it’s fair to say we are fairly new in the new year! You may have made some New Year resolutions like–exercising, eating clean, and taking care of yourself. You probably made some spiritual resolutions as well like–devoting more time to pray, to read the Bible every day and to attend church regularly. 

My spiritual resolution for this year is to continue to honor God and grow spiritually. To not allow the things I experience to change my confession and/or my confidence in Him. I told myself I wouldn’t allow anything to steal my praise this year. However, about two weeks into the new year, my actions proved otherwise.

I found myself getting overwhelmed with the challenges of life, I was gradually spending less and less time with God and boy did it show. I was negative and slightly bitter–yes just slightly. I had a “come to Jesus moment” when I tried to pray and I felt the distance. For whatever reason, I couldn’t connect. God seemed so far away. So instead of “trying to find” Him, I stopped. But, I felt more empty and just tired.  I had pushed Him away and not Him from me.

Weeks passed and realized I still hadn’t prayed. “Eureka!!” I realized that is what the enemy wants. God acknowledges that we not perfect in our earthly bodies “But with every temptation, He has created a way of escape.” (1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV) What the devil wants to do is to keep you in the guilt of your sin that it keeps you away from God’s presence–which in turn stops your fellowship with Him.

It is okay that despite our intentions–at times we fall short, “For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. (Romans 3:23 NLT). Instead of sulking in your failure, guilt, shame and–sin [which is want the enemy wants], ask God for forgiveness and get back in His presence. 

Don’t allow anything to stop your praise and your fellowship with Him. Always determine in your heart no matter what life throws at you– you can’t stop, won’t stop your fellowship with God .

Stay encouraged until next time!


Lady J.

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