Flying with One Wing

He was handsome, popular and a great protector of those he cared for. He was loved by many but faithful to few. He was what I considered my soul and my mate and I wanted him so much that I thought I needed him. I was in love. After four years of his controlling ways and my need to be loved the abuse began. It wasnt until my jaw was broken in three places by his closed fist; that I knew I had to go! It wasnt easy but it was worth it. This part if my personal story could have ended another way but Prayer and Relationship with God allowed me to find forgiveness in my heart as well as the strength to move forward. As a domestic abuse survivor, Ive realized that my story is definitely a story that can help others. Read more in my book “How we Made it Over.” This butterfly has truly earned her wings and you can earn yours too!

7 thoughts on “Flying with One Wing

  1. Sherry Landrum says:

    So many young women and sometimes men, don’t have a point of reference for this type of abuse, so when it happens they have no idea how to respond. It is my prayer that more people will hear the hearts of those who have experienced this and listen intently. So if it happens, they know how to exist and never go back to it. Blessings to you for telling your truth!

  2. sandrakoranteng says:

    Wow. I love your openness and vulnerability! Thanks for posting Ms. Robyn; I know women will be impacted by this- I sure was!

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