Spiritual Sundays: What are you feeding yourself?



Would you eat something just because it was presented to you? Would you even taste it without any knowledge of what is was made from or how it could effect your body? Im not sure about you, but I’m a picky eater and very mindful of this. But when I ask this, it is not in reference to food. I to want know what are you feeding your soul.


Whether or not you aware of it, any and  everything is feeding into you at every given moment. What you hear on the radio, what you view on television, the post you scroll by on all  your social media, are feeding into you and are not always soul worthy. And just like how like how your body coverts food into energy, you transpire this “information” you receive from these devices into your everyday actions and conversation.



So what are you feeding yourself? Is it ratchet tv each night or the trap music with the bomb beat that you don’t mind twerking to? Women half naked on IG crushing their insides in waist trainers for likes or those videos of people cussing someone out like a first class sailor? Feeding yourself all that negative behavior sits in your subconscious. When similar situations that you have digested come about in YOUR reality, you react with that same negative behavior you have been digesting.

At one point in my life I was feeding myself all those negative things and I was reacting to things instead of responding because thats what I learned, that was my only source. Cussing, fighting, club every weekend..constantly filling me with their deadly toxins. I didn’t have a strong source of positivity or guidance to call on. I knew this was because I was feeding myself the ways or the world and not the word of God.

When I blocked myself from the social media, the music and tv, making a whole a hearted conscious effort to shield myself and dive into the presence of God, I saw immediate change. I was no longer a ticking time bomb but a level heading women responding to what God told me to and behaving as his word says.

God’s word is alive and can be used in every aspect of your life. It’s the truth, it is positive and will give the best results. Don’t you want to digest the goodness of God? Don’t you want in times of adversity to not fear because you have feed yourself the living word?

What you take in will reflect in later hours, days and years. So if all you got is ratchet and rude behavior,  thats all you going give. But when you fill your soul with the word of God and praises to him, thats  what will shine through.



So start right now evaluating what you’re digesting! Make sure your main meal is God. I promise you as time progresses you will become so sensitive to negative things you won’t even know how you were able to stomach all those toxins at one point of time.

And I promise you it will be the best diet for your soul that you could ever imagine!!!!



Much Love,

Sylvia Olayinka


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