Face Meets Thread

Yes, even us woman have facial hair. And there is nothing wrong with that.

The question, however, is if we are scratching the line between peach fuzz and excessive facial hair. The presence of excessive facial hair can be embarrassing. In result, we woman use many different techniques to temporarily remove the hair.

There are so many different ways to “groom” ourselves. Most of us at one point have either tweezed, waxed, or even shaved. But it’s now time to upgrade.
Its all about Threading.

Now i’m sure we’ve all seen it before. Trying to figure out how exactly they do it.
Threading has been around for ages, passed down through generations. Shout out to the eastern countries, like Egypt and India, for bringing it to western civilization.

The process uses a cotton string using a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso that pulls up each hair right out of the follicle as it passes along the skin. There is little to no contact with the skin to prevent errors like ripping your skin off. Not to mention sanitary. Common uses are for the eyebrows, upper and lower lip, chin and neck.

This option proves to be more advanced than other options. Unlike waxing, eyebrow threading gives the brows a naturally defined look because it is such a precise technique. Say goodbye to accidentally taking off too much hair. The thread can get the finest (peachy) hairs out which is why your eyebrow hair doesn’t grow back as quickly, like tweezing. This is because every single hair is taken out every time you get threaded.

Now lets remain open and transparent here. There is some pain involved in this process. Compared to waxing, it is hard to say.. Personal preference in my opinion. But you have to expect some sort of discomfort when removing hair directly from the hair follicle. It is what it is.

My favorite part is that it gets better with time. The more consistent you are with threading, the better your brows grow in. I personally have a more coarse grain of hair and my eyebrows have been proven to grow in finer by removing the same hairs. My eyebrows were even damaged and thin on the outside, and they are now as full as ever.


Moral of the story, I recommend every woman to use threading as her choice of facial hair removal. Don’t leave a hair behind!! ;P

With Confidence,

Ms. Aja Gibbs

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