Trendy Tuesday: Keep Your Neck Warm Year-Around!

What’s the mode this Trendy Tuesday? Turtle necks! Yes, I said it- turtlenecks. The unflattering tops that your mom made you wear when it was cold. I personally hated turtlenecks. My parents called them polar-necks and I felt quite polar wearing them. I had this one white turtleneck sweater that I would lie and say was itchy just to get out of wearing it, but now I’m obsessed with these tops and get this- they can be worn year round!

The reason turtlenecks are so hot is because of the 90’s/hipster vibe that they have to them. Also, they are very versatile were they can be dressed up or down. A fitted spandex turtleneck top could be worn with a fitted pencil skirt for an elegant look, or boyfriend jeans for a more casual-urban street look. Look at how timeless Mrs. Kardashian-West looks in her matching turtleneck-pencil ensemble!


Check out this stunning beauty killing the street scene even with a more causal take on the turtleneck!

Brandy ♥ Melville | Johan Turtleneck Top - Clothing:


Turtlenecks aren’t only making statements as blouses, but as dresses as well! This beautiful shift turtleneck dress has boho fall vibes written all over it.

Pair this shift dress with cowboy boots for a country chic look, or pair it with heels or tall boots for a chic city look!:

They are great to accessorize with chunky necklaces or thin chains; Fedoras/floppy hats! Turtlenecks also look good in any pattern! Doesn’t she look casually fabulous?
Inline image 1(Via
You heard it from me. Turtlenecks are in! They aren’t granny blouses anymore; they are the trend for 2016! Send us your favorite turtleneck style for any season 😉
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