“Say When”

Dear Lady,

Every morning when i wake up [ for the most part]–even before I pray, at times  before I pee, I am guilty of checking my Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  I will either check it until I have to leave for work or have to get ready. I am ashamed to say surfing social media at times keeps me from praying because I get so caught up in  people’s lives. I like to scroll through my news feed and be nosey to be honest! I like seeing what my friends, their friends, and their friends’ cousins are up to [ don’t judge me]. Even though I believe social media is a great tool, it has become a great distraction and sadly a “valued system.

In a time, where social media is a great significance, it seems like taboo not to post everything that is going on in your life. It is a ritual to Instagram a picture of your food before you eat it,  Snapchat your car ride to work and tweet your every thought during a game or an award show. Post a status on Facebook to let your friends and family know that you have bought the house you dreamt of as a young child. Don’t get me wrong these tools are great for creating, sharing and remembering the memories of our everyday lives but at times we tend to over share.

We have gotten to the place where we want our online presence to be felt so bad that we are now risking our safety knowingly and unknowingly. We desire to be validated so much by likes, comments, followers and retweets. Why do we not have a censorship on what we share and how much we share?

So my question to you is when do we “say when?” 

Lady J  

2 thoughts on ““Say When”

  1. sandrakoranteng says:

    I think some people just aren’t aware of the dangers of social media and if they are, they think it won’t happen to them. I think it all starts with what your motivation is to share on social media and also remembering how your social media can affect others (for example if you have kids).

  2. Ms. Aja Gibbs says:

    Enjoyed this read. I was just self reflecting on myself of how much I get on social media. We always say ppl say, “Im gonna deletd social media… “— but I feel there should be something to replace tht “spare” time. So, I have made a chnage by buying a couple books that I am interested in and reading when i have free time opposed to just scrolling. And I feel alot more free 🤓

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