#WCW: All About That MoneyHoney, Khadija Bingham

This week’s #WCW is all about that MoneyHoney! Khadija Bingham is involved with the 5-year Master’s of Accounting program at the Pennsylvania State University, and will be graduating in just a few days, at the age of 22.


Bingham is from Landsdowne, Pennsylvania, which is in the outskirts of Philadelphia. She originally desired to be the CEO of Chik-fil-a, so she assumed that getting a degree in Finance would prepare her for the job. But during the second semester of her freshman year, her advisor presented the option of the 5 year Master’s of Accounting program.

“After talking with some mentors I decided to apply. From there I became a double major. After many internships, leadership roles on campus and taking classes, my career aspirations have definitely changed, but that’s how I initially got interested,” said Bingham.

Now, Bingham is basically a financial expert in her own right! She recently created MoneyHoney, which is a financial literacy platform that consists of a website, YouTube videos, monthly financial challenges, and so much more! When asked how/why she created MoneyHoney, here’s what she said:

“There are many things that have inspired MoneyHoney, but I would say that one of the main reasons being me feeling the need to share the many blessings that I have received. I have been given many opportunities that not many people have been given, and as a way to give back I have decided to create MoneyHoney,” said Bingham. “Financial literacy is something that I enjoy learning, and it’s something that I get a lot of questions about, so I figured this would be the best way for me to contribute to the world.”


There are many misconceptions about financial literacy, so Bingham is here to school you. “People assume that becoming financially literate can happen overnight. But it’s a process! Just like becoming healthier and fit. It takes time and you’ll make mistakes. But that’s okay! As long as you learn from the mistakes, you’ll eventually get there,” she said.

In addition to guiding people financially, Bingham is also a trailblazer of leadership. She leads a natural hair club at Penn State called, LOCKS, and she’s a member of  the Multicultural Women’s Forum, which is a organization made up of businesswomen who address cultural and gender specific issues. Bingham recently graced the cover of Penn State magazine, Valley, and she was awarded a Student Speaker Award from the Multicultural Resource Center, also at Penn State.


Here’s what Bingham had to say about women’s empowerment:

I think women empowerment is important in every day and age! It’s funny to me

because growing up, I was always the smartest person in my classes. The girls

always did way better than the guys, in everything! It wasn’t until I got to college

that I learned that “men are more successful, smart and hard working.” Women

empowerment is important because every little girl, that is the smartest in her

class, deserves to believe and know that there is nothing wrong with that. She

deserves to know that as long as she works hard, her hard work will be


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