#WCW: Supermommy + Boss, Jackie Matikas

There are tons of moms who somehow juggle career and their children, and of course are also able to squeeze in some time for themselves; however, Jackie Matikas accomplishes all of these tasks without the assistance of an full entourage of assistants, nannies, and managers. So how does she do it? Well, keep reading…

Lanham, Maryland’s own Matikas, is a tattoo artist, a top retailer and recruiter, an investor, and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Matikas has been a tattoo artist for 10 years and got started by tattooing her own forearm with a neighbor’s tattoo kit. “I’ve been an artist my entire life as far back as i can remember.  I come from a family of artists, so drawing is in my DNA,” said Matikas. She also still has the evidence of her first tattoo. “It will stay on my arm forever as a constant reminder of my progress and to show that with time, hard work, passion and determination that you can do anything you want to! I’m happy to say, ten years later, I am no longer tattooing in my neighbors basement and have developed my passion into a working business, evolved as an artist and established my own style! I love working with clients to help them design custom tattoos to help them commemorate people, places, events, stories and milestones in their life,” said Matikas.


But, there came a time where Matikas felt extremely overwhelmed with her tattoo business because she was overbooking clients in order to create the life she wanted her children to experience. She felt like she was trading time for money, and not utilizing her full capabilities as an active parent, so she became a part of the total life changes opportunity. “I was relieved to know that I could operate the business with the existing time I had, with my children if I needed to. In a traditional business, we trade time for money and typically have large start up costs that put us in debt and  take years to pay back, and being “employed” doesn’t provide you with job security,” said Matikas. “You have to answer to a boss that tells you when you can eat lunch and leave, and there isn’t a lot of opportunity for bonuses or raises (unless you count 2 cents) or rapid advancement in the hierarchy. When I found network marketing and direct sales, I was scared because it had such a negative connotation as a “pyramid scheme” … but upon doing a little more research, I started to understand a little better– you are utilizing your current warm network (while building a new network based on people you meet on a daily basis through interactions during places you already go for other reasons) while practicing attraction marketing and learning a ton of skills that help you in any entrepreneurship endeavor you chose to move forward in the future.”

In less than a year, Matikas has brought in $65K (part time), which has allowed her to enroll her children into Montessori school and afford her dream wedding in 2017. She has also reinvested into two start-up businesses (purpose planners–an organizational avenue for women and visual voice–visual branding services). In addition, Matikas is enrolling and coaching over 300 men and women in business and helping over 100 customers reach their health and weight loss goals; not to mention, she is globally recognized as the company’s retailer and recruiter.


So how does Matikas fit her children into her hectic schedule? It’s pretty simple… She just makes sure she manages her time efficiently. “The young years in a child’s life are paramount and too many people take on the role of parenting too lightly. My biggest advice to people juggling parenting with business (especially if you are self-employed) is to set aside specific days and times to focus on your children without technology or interruption. Make sure you INCLUDE them in what you are doing, instead of trying to distract them. You are your child’s first and most important teacher and they will do as you DO, not as you SAY,” said Matikas. She also stressed the importance of teaching your children to productive, instead of just sitting them in from of the TV.

When asked why health and wellness is an important aspect of women’s empowerment Matikas responded, “Health and wellness is important to EVERYONE! There is no point in being wealthy or happy without longevity in life to enjoy it, but with women empowerment specifically–I think it broadens your knowledge base, makes us more secure with our image and confidence, and allows us to think clearly. Beyond this, it teaches discipline and that is the foundation for success with anything you will ever take on. Commitment, consistency and discipline by improving or adding one small positive habit a day will teach you lessons and develop you into the person you need to become to reach your long term goals.

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