Ever Heard of Podcasts? My Top 3 + More

Haha, see what I did there?

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Every now and then when I’ve had enough of social media and every person and/or company showing me all the great things they have to offer, I tune into to my other digital favorite: Podcasts!

I remember a lot of older tech heads (one being my uncle) raving about podcasts back when the first white clumpy iPod was a thing. I didn’t give them much of my attention then until about 3 years ago. Now they’re so beneficial and one of the easiest ways to learn something new! All you have to do is listen, hands free!

So what’s a podcast anyway? In my own words, a podcast is a broadcasting platform where hosts can have their own show to talk about ANYTHING! Since I’m really good at committing things to memory by sound, a lot of what I learn from podcasts really sticks and works as a convenient past time like when I’m cleaning my room or commuting. I try to listen to a little bit of everything topic from career, spiritual, finance and lifestyle, but it’s hard to venture out because when you really like one, you always want to listen to them! Time to share my favorites:

  • Myliek Teele’s Podcast

Myliek’s podcast is THE podcast that encouraged me to listen to podcasts consistently 3 years ago. Myliek Teele is the Founder and CEO of CurlBox, a natural Hair care (and now Body) subscription box. Although she shares her experiences as a young black female entrepreneur, she shares a lot of no nonsense talk about getting what you want out of your life (especially your career) with very real truths to help you get there. Her podcasts ask questions like are you more comfortable complaining than making a change? Have you done the work for the reward you’re expecting? I admit, you may think she tough in the beginning, but we often need that tough talk to help us whip our lives into shape.

  • Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast

Oh man, I love her podcasts! With over 450 episodes, there is a message to feed your soul no matter what you’re going through. When I’m going through it, I can find a message called “7 Ways To Increase Your Happiness,” when I’m happy and feel grateful for God’s love and grace, I can listen to, “The Strength and Comfort of the Holy Spirit” and when I know I should have faith and believe things will be okay, but this one challenge is really taking me through it, I can refer to, “Choosing to Trust God.” Every podcast is about 12-14 minutes long and usually come in 3-4 parts. That way if you need a quick boost, you can choose 1 episode to get what you need. Or if you end up like me, I usually enjoy the first episode so much, I’m like “Oh wait, I gotta finish this!” I enjoy listen to Joyce because she breaks everything down in practical terms, in a way anyone can understand and knows the importance of a believer building their relationship with God for themselves, and not just because a leader said so.

  • Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

LOL, Random I know, but I told you can find a podcast about anything! As a journalism major in college, Grammar Girl and I became best friends via Google LOL as I was writing papers. Grammar Girl is a podcast that will teach you a lot about words such as how they’re pronounced, when to use one vs another (Check out Patty or Paddy) and the meaning of some words and their origin. Once you’ve heard a episode about why a word is used and it’s origin, you’re more likely to use that word in future conversations. Then you can teach your friends a thing or two. Win!

Here are others I’ve listened to at least once and would like to hear more:

  1. Millenial by Megan Tan
  2. 2 Dope Queens by Phobe Robinson and Jessica Williams
  3. The Dave Ramsey Show

If you have an iPhone, you can listen to any podcasts via the Apple Podcast app. If you have an android, podcasts are available through apps like these here.

Thanks for reading and enjoy a new podcast!

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