Appearance Matters


In today’s society, image is everything. Somehow our image has defined who are are, put labels on us. I, personally, can fight against this notion, representing how our words, actions, what we put out into the word are what defines us.

However, this argument represents how our image does represent us to an extent. -And I believe, as woman, we should always look presentable.

What exactly do I mean? Picture yourself on a Saturday morning, you go downstairs to make breakfast, and you realize, there is no milk. No problem, you think, I’ll just run down to the corner store and get some more. So, you go your room to change out of your pajamas, but what do you put on?

You decide to put on something comfortable. I mean, you’re gonna be out the house for no more than 20 minutes. So, you put on your favorite sweatsuit; there is nothing wrong with that.

-Pause. Now let’s pay attention to your overall look. As ladies, woman, queens, we are to always represent ourselves in that matter. Now, i’m not saying that you have to be decked out in your finest gown at all times. Im not saying that you have to wear the hottest brands. I am saying, to be approachable.

Look put together.
Reflect on the outside, the beauty that is on the inside. It shows confidence. It shows that you are proud of who you are. It shows that you care about your image.

Be ready.
Today could be the best day of your life. Don’t risk lost opportunity because you decided that it didn’t matter how you looked today. Even better, be ready to inspire someone else.

Play the part.
Act like you’re somebody!!! (Not that you aren’t, but you know what I mean.) Be the best version of yourself in relation to where you are going. People trust those who care about how they look.

Be modest.
One word: Classy. You can look trendy and not degrade yourself. “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” (Proverbs 31:25)

Keep in mind, everyone woman is different. Not everyone is a “girly girl”. Some woman prefer to rock a more natural, bohemian style. Some woman feel more comfortable in sporty wear. I love all styles, and support you guys not parting from that. I am requesting that we stay respectful to ourselves and look our best, where ever we go. Not only are we giving respect to those who we come into contact with, but we feel better about ourselves. And feeling better results in more successful outcomes.

The more you know better, the more you do better.

Ms. Aja Gibbs

2 thoughts on “Appearance Matters

  1. sandrakoranteng says:

    Girl, thank you for the reminder!! I’m just going to put it out there. Sometimes, I feel like “I am not in a relationship, nor am I looking for one, so I don’t care how I look to ‘xyz’.” But that is horrible thinking because it doesn’t have to be about getting the attention of others, but exactly what you said- letting the confidence from within exude. People do not know my insides, but they may have a good guess based on how I present myself. This was definitely needed.

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