Faithful Friday: Not My Will, But Yours Father

The deeper I get in my walk with God, the more I realize that I have absolutely no control of anything! This is frustrating for me- a control freak. I want certain things to happen my way and they don’t, no matter how hard I try to manipulate it because God’s plan triumphs. As I realize this, I am more surrendered to him because I see that everything that happens truly happens for a reason as cliche as it may sound. God is not out to harm me or ruin my fun. He’s here to prosper me, discipline me, and protect me.

On Memorial Day weekend, my family and I went to New Jersey for a cousin’s wedding. I have an older brother who is married with children who came with his wife. They drove separately and while they were visiting some other family, his car broke down. Originally, the plan was to come back home Sunday evening so that I could rest and partake in all of my Memorial Day festivities the next day, but God had other plans. Given that it was Memorial Day weekend, many auto shops were closed, including the car dealership, leaving my brother and his wife to stay an extra day. My parents and I saw it best that we stay in Jersey while my brother found a mechanic just in case they needed our help. This hindered up my plans. I didn’t know if I would get back home to do the things I wanted to or if I would have enough rest. Selfish right?

But that extra day in Jersey brought something I didn’t expect. We had the best family time we had in a while. We just joked and laughed about old times and I got to hold my newborn nephew. I wouldn’t have traded this time for the world and I truly believe that God knew exactly what my family needed. A car is replaceable and repairable; plans can be rescheduled, but family bonds are cherished forever. When you truly taste how good and kind God is, he is no longer the “bad guy”, but the go-to… the one whose will you want to see perfected in your life. As I get into my controlling moods throughout the day, I just have to remind myself how good God is and remember “not my will, but yours Father”.


Nothing but Love,


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