As women we do it all: cook, clean, go to school, work, hair done, nails done, everything did, but one thing most females don’t do is take care of themselves. Yes, we are the ones that care for the family and nurture and blah blah blah but who is going to take care of us? Who better to take care of you than you?!  Not just financially or emotionally, but physically. I watch so many girls go out and drink every other night then ending the week with happy hours and excessive drinking in the club. I watch girls eat like men just to put it on SnapChat saying that they’re eating “good”. All in all I understand that we are young and we should enjoy it but on the other hand we need to start taking care of our bodies and our health. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Michelle Obama when we get her age? That is the purpose of my future blog posts now on Redefine Women; to take back our health as women. As a Certified Personal Trainer as well as the holder of a BS in Exercise Science, I will be giving you all of the scoop on any type of fitness myth, product reviews, the basics of losing weight, at home workouts, and so much more! Alright ladies, LET’S GET TO WORK!

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