ok ladies, now lets get in hydration.

Im not sure if you’ve noticed but its about 9,000 degrees outside these days. With that being said I know we are all looking cute with our matching hand and feet nail polish, sundresses and crop tops, BUT….I am sure you are sweating like crazy! So I wanted to give everyone a summer essential that goes hand and hand with extra deodorant during the summer and that is to STAY HYDRATED!! I don’t know about you all but before I really got into fitness and healthy eating, I used to gain a lot of weight during the end of summer when it got to be the hottest temperatures. I couldn’t understand until I recently looked back at how many Slurpees and sodas I used to drink when I would get thirsty back then.

I was not getting the necessary nourishment that my body needed through just water alone. In the summer we lose more body water due to increased sweat production used to cool the body, leading to dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, your brain tricks you into thinking that you are hungry and even craving certain “tastes” like sweet or salty. Just imagine eating everything in sight (also while becoming a life sized blimp) all summer just because you aren’t drinking water. I drink about a gallon a day just off of that frightening image of the calorie packed self I used to be. So in order to stay hydrated this summer , here are a few tips to increase your water intake:

-buy a water bottle (with a measurement to keep track of how much you have had through the day) and decorate it to carry around and show off while keeping it in eye sight as a reminder of the goal.

-according to mayoclinic.com, women’s recommended daily intake of water is 2.2 cups (74.3 floz)

-add fruit to your water for more flavor

-add a drop or two of Mio or Dasani water flavor enhancing drops (strawberry kiwi by Dasani is my fave!)

-drink tea with stevia and lemon tumblr_mcubgqIgMp1r877b7o1_r1_500

……ok ladies now lets get in HYDRATION!


2 thoughts on “ok ladies, now lets get in hydration.

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  2. Stacey says:

    Wow Bria, this article is so helpful! I always knew you needed to drink water to keep you hydrated but not thinking it applies to the hot summer when we opted for sugary drinks to cool off.

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