IF God Existed…

Upon the recent acts of extreme violence in our nation and across the world, it is apparent more than ever that we are in spiritual warfare. So I know you’re probably wondering why I title this post “IF God Existed…” After scrolling on various social media posts about these tragedies that have been striking us left and right, I have seen many people questioning God’s existence. People seem to have lost hope, and that’s completely understandable. I haven’t lost hope, but I will admit that I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling sick to my stomach. I’m tired of waking up each morning and hearing about innocent lives being taken. I’m tired of this #blacklivesmatter v. #alllivesmatter debate. I’m just fed up with humans. Even though I’m fed up, I still believe in God and I still believe that he is in control. I mean if you read Revelations, it’s all spelled out. Evil will run this Earth more and more by the day. If you’re reading this and you have lost hope and have even become a skeptic when it comes to God, this post is to comfort and encourage you.

The number one question I see and have heard is “If God existed, why would he allow evil to happen?” Let me break this down… Yes, God is the author and finisher of faith, but he has also granted each and every one of us free will. According to Google, free will is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. This is why we can either choose to do right or wrong. God doesn’t stop us if we choose to do wrong or if we have a moment of bad judgement. He is there to guide us, but if we don’t care about his opinion, then we tend to make our own choices, which could be bad. Then if emotion is added into a scenario and we act on it, we are more likely to respond irrationally.

For example, the shootings of the Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers and civilians would have never happened if there was no free will. In fact, nothing evil would ever happen if there was no free will. The world would be a utopia, but that’s not the case. The suspects used their own judgement and were running off of the adrenaline of their own emotions, which led to them take the lives of innocent people. But, if we would be more attuned to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we would avoid making split second decisions in the heat of the moment. I’m sure we can all name an instance where we could’ve made a horrible choice, but instead we decided to listen to the “Good Angel” on our shoulder.

I have come up with three steps to help us all deal with the gift of free will a whole lot better.

  1. Check your emotions: When you get angry, upset, sad, depressed, etc. check your emotions. Live in your emotions, but don’t allow them to alter your character. Remember that emotion is temporary.
  2. Think about the consequences: Weigh out your options. If you are contemplating a violent act, think about how it will affect everyone ( you, family, friends, others, society).
  3. Seek the Holy Spirit; Pray: After you have calmed down, checked your emotions, and thought about the consequences of your actions, pray and ask God for guidance. Ask him to remove any ill feelings still lingering, and release that negative energy. Go on with your day. Let Go and Let God!

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19

We must also remember that God will be returning to Earth. Instead of sitting back with our feet kicked up, we have to do some work within ourselves. We are in a spiritual war. Below is a video of Carrington Brown talking about what God revealed to him about today’s Christians. It will definitely convict you! Fast forward to 2:47.

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