Miscellaneous Monday: Gold Coastin’

I just returned from the motherland! I am originally from Ghana and still have close roots there. Several of my family members are still there so my parents and siblings go back when we get the chance. I just want to share some of the thoughts and experiences I had while there and hope you enjoy!

The Difference Christ Makes

When I was younger, I used to hate going back because I thought it put a damper on my “fun” and prevented me from enjoying my birthday (early July). I was just ready to get back to my friends and quite frankly get in summer trouble. But this time was different… As I get older, I have a new appreciation for the little things, my culture being one of them. Ghana has such a rich culture and history that shouldn’t be overlooked. Why was this time different you may ask? I think not only is the realization of Ghana’s rich culture, but also realizing what Christ has given me. Since being in Christ I have a new perspective and I can tell you that I wish I was still there! I appreciate the authenticity of:

  • Hard work- women and men hustling to feed their families
  • Food- natural (The chickens and cattle are free range and prepared fresh in front of you)
  • Preserved history- storytelling passed on from generation to generation
  • Family- the embrace and love

History and Culture

This trip was also different because I got the chance to be immersed like a tourist! I never experienced my culture like that before. It was always just told to my siblings and me by our parents or aunties/uncles, but this time I went to:

  • Manhyia Palace: Ashanti Palace. The Ashanti kingdom is the largest in Ghana. This palace was given to the Ashanti’s as a consolation after the British captured and exiled Prempeh I to Seychelles because of their quest for the golden stool. The Ashanti’s used it as their historic museum, and have preserved it since the 1950’s.

  • Cape Coast Castle: This castle was built by African slaves and was sanctioned by the British. Many do not know, but Ghana started the slave trade and the international trade because of its location on the western coast of Africa and its vast resources (primarily gold). Once the British capsized on their raw resources, they began to import human labor. Tthis was the most difficult part of my trip. It was cool to see my history and the history of so many people of African descent, but it hurt me to the core that people black people have always been treated in such a way; it’s still going on today- new slavery.


gh2gh3(taken from my iPhone: the woman’s dungeon of Cape Coast Castle)

I encourage you to visit a place you’ve always desired and learn its history. You’d be surprised at how connected we all are. We learn to appreciate each other’s differences and respect others for their perseverance during difficult times. As always, thanks for letting me share my life with you!


(taken from my iPhone: my little cousin’s and I)

Nothing but love,


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