Trendy Tuesday: Linen is In!

Ladies, this trendy Tuesday was inspired by the light-weight, cotton material linen! Not only is linen perfect for summer because of the lower thread count, but it also gives you a unique look because of the rough look of the fibers.

From what I’ve seen, the go-to linen attire is pants. Everyone loves a good pair of linen pants. Why? You can dress them up or dress them down. I just wore a light tan pair to work yesterday and the compliments I received were endless! The key to slaying with linen bottoms is not over-doing it. Linen is already a unique fabric. I would wear a solid colored top, (t-shirt, flowy, or collared), but the key is not to clash with the patterns. Also if you choose to wear light-colored bottoms, you can go either way with your top choice, varying from light to dark. However, if you choose to wear dark-colored linens, your top should definitely be bright. I would go with white or cream.


Another linen favorite is linen dresses/tunics. These are perfect for those summer cookouts! It’s light and airy and makes you look effortlessly flawless. Some of the linen dresses I’ve seen are definitely giving off serious boho vibes (which you all know is my go-to). You can also chill or kill with a linen dress. If you are going for a more dressed up look, you can pair your linen dress with a pair of solid colored, peep toe heels, or wedges. To take a calmer (but still effortless) approach with your dress, I would wear a pair of flats or gladiator sandals with loose jewelry.


There are some cons with linens though… but of course there’s always a cost to beauty! Linen gets wrinkled…QUICK. My suggestion: make sure that you iron your outfit with starch before wearing it. Also, in order to preserve the fabric, take your linen’s to the dry cleaners and make sure they starch press it. I know it seems excessive, but linens are a fabric that you don’t want to ruin; it’s hard to get it back.

Well ladies, you heard it from me. Linen is in and killing!

Send us photos of your favorite linens!

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