“Something told me to do it..”

What are your goals in life? What do you want to be known for? Initially, we may identify ourselves with work. But what if we took it a step further, and were able to fulfill every single purpose in our life? What if, we were known for being able to hear from God?!

Being able to hear from God is directly associated with fulfilling your purpose in life. Not only is it stress free to let God guide you, but He can take you places you have never imagined you can be. You can accomplish, create, and be a blessing to things that are far more than we have the capacity to think of.

How many times have we taken the wrong turns in our decisions. It could be as little as what time you should leave the house. Or something bigger as choosing the wrong career felid. The positive in that, is that we learn from our mistakes. But sometimes, what we want for ourselves is not the best option. This is why it is essential be sensitive to God’s voice. How many times have you said, “Something told me not to do that!” It wasnt just something, God told you!!

So how can we be sure we are hearing from God?

1. Well, you first need to be sure you are in the position to receive his word. Have faith that God will be able to speak to you and that you will receive his word.

2. Know his voice from your voice. Sometimes its hard to distinguish God’s voice from our own. Here is a tip, God’s voice is never selfish, negative, or un-loving.

  • Example: you’re driving home during rush hour, God’s voice tells you to make a left turn at the light. Your voice says: “But I always take this way home.” (In situations like this, what will it hurt you to make the turn?) Now, because you took a left turn, you learned a new short cut to get home.

3. Stop trying to create answers for yourself. Stop trying to solve your own problems. Remember, our knowledge, experiences, and exposure can only take you so far. Seek God for your solutions, quiet your own voice, and listen for his direction.
Proverbs 3:5-6 This also includes letting go of the “rules” of society in telling you how you should live your life. God has the final say.

4. When God tells you to do something, you do it!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. You will not be disappointed.

*Friendly reminder: God already has your whole life planned out. He has already set up every promotion, increase, and blessing in your life. Jeremiah 1:5. But its your job to receive them by listening and acting on that guidance.

Alot of people associate God’s voice with a gut feeling. Sometimes you hear your parents voice in your head telling you to do something. All I’m saying is go with it. Again, God’s voice will never put you in harms way. Remember, we’re trying to fulfill our purpose with everything we do. We want to be great and successful in all the areas of our lives. The good news is, its never too late to start hearing from God—Or to be better at hearing from God.

Be Blessed,
Ms. Aja Gibbs

2 thoughts on ““Something told me to do it..”

  1. sandrakoranteng says:

    This is very real. I think it’s hard to undo years and years of doing things for yourself. We’re very individualistic as a society and love control, so we just need to humble out and understand there is a creator bigger than us. Thing is, Satan talks to us too, so I really love what you said: “that we have to be in line with God’s word” to be able to distinguish between our flesh, Satan, and the Lord. Thanks Aja for sharing some wisdom.

    • Ms. Aja Gibbs says:

      Sandra, yes. Especially in todays society, “Independence” initially feels great, but its even better when you don’t have to stress out about your next move. Be faithful to God and he’ll take care of Everything !

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